YouTuber attempts to drives his Tesla underwater: This is what happened [Video]

With rising fuel prices all across the globe, popularity of electric vehicles have increased in the last one decade. Tesla which is one of the most recognisable name and brand when it comes with electric vehicles have several models in their line up. They even had plans to enter Indian market but due to various issues, it looks like the plan is currently put on hold. You would find several videos related to Tesla on the internet. Here we have one such video where a YouTuber attempts to drive his Tesla Model S Plaid under water. How did it perform? Well, let’s check the video.

The video has been uploaded by Chillin’ with Chet on their YouTube channel. In this video, the YouTuber comes up with an idea to see whether he can actually drive his Tesla underwater. We have seen several sci-fi movies where a car is driven underwater. Theoretically, driving an electric car underwater is a lot more easier than a petrol or a diesel car. In an ICE vehicle, if the water gets into the engine, then the car gets stalled or hydro locked. This issue is not at all there in an electric car. There are batteries that are waterproof and are packed inside a case under the floor.

YouTuber attempts to drives his Tesla underwater: This is what happened [Video]

The only problem in an electric car is the wiring and electrical equipment. The chances are quite high that the wiring in the electric vehicle might get damaged after the car goes underwater. Vlogger calculates how he is going to get his car go underwater. He came up with a plan that including adding more weight to the car. If there is not enough weight in the car, then it won’t go underwater and it start floating.

He takes the car to a workshop to know the risks of doing the experiment and he also wanted a solution to make his car completely waterproof. The experts talk about the dangers involved in this experiment and then they start working on making the car waterproof. Most of the exterior panels where they spotted gap were sealed using a plastic film and silicon. Once the car was sealed, they added more weight to the car. They put heavy metal plates and other items in the frunk, boot and rear seat of the Tesla. Once this was done, the car was taken to a nearby lake to test if it is floating or not. This is when they discovered that the car had more leaks from where the water was getting in.

YouTuber attempts to drives his Tesla underwater: This is what happened [Video]

Vlogger brought the car back to land and after final adjustments, he took the car to a spot, where he was planning to attempt this experiment. This was a pool dug by the vlogger himself and he laid a plastic sheet on it and filled water in it. The pool was deep enough to completely submerge the Tesla Model S Plaid. For safety, the a rope was tied on to the car to pull it out if it gets stuck underwater. The vlogger slowly drives the car into the pool and it looks like, he did not give enough for the front of the car to sink and the car started floating. Water also started getting inside the car from various places. He asked the backup vehicle to pull the Tesla out but, it was so heavy that, the rope snapped. Luckily, the Tesla was almost near the shore and vlogger drove the car out. He was not successful in driving the car underwater in this attempt.

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