Youtuber attempts to off-road with a humble Maruti 800 hatchback [Video]

Off-roading is slowly becoming popular among SUV owners in India. There are several SUV owners groups that now organise such off-road expedition with support from locals and experienced drivers. These groups often take modified SUVs to such expeditions. On the internet we have also seen a section of people who have tried off-roading in  a 2WD crossover or compact SUV. We have seen several video where even hatchbacks are driven on rough terrains. Here we have one such video, where a vlogger attempts to off-road with a Maruti 800 hatchback.

The video has been uploaded by Guy From Manali on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger recently bought a used Maruti 800 hatchback and was on his way to make some repairs in it. He mentions in the video that he aims to modify it eventually. He took to the car to a workshop nearby to get rid of the rattling sound from the door panels and dashboard. After this, he took the car to a workshop get the steering wheel replaced. The car steering was then replaced with an aftermarket unit.

The vlogger then took the car out to test the steering and meet some of his friends where he came across a road that was going down to a valley. It was actually not proper road. It was a stretch with lot of boulders and loose rocks and sand. He drove the SUV down to the bottom and then had some fun in the area. Maruti 800 is a very light vehicle. Vlogger was having fun with the vehicle. He was extremely careful while coming down the slope as the rocks and sand was very loose. The vlogger then drove the SUV through the uneven surface and at one point, it even climbed up a small section without any problem.

Youtuber attempts to off-road with a humble Maruti 800 hatchback [Video]

After some time, the vlogger carefully drove the Maruti 800 up and joined the tarmac. In this video, vlogger is seen having fun with the car as it he was driving a buggy. Maruti 800 is very lightweight and behaves like a buggy at times. The vlogger managed to do this off-roading successfully but should you do the same? We don’t think so. The vlogger is aware of the terrain and has experience off-roading in 4x4s. We would not recommend anyone to do the same on a 2WD SUV or a hatchback.

While off-roading, 4×4 or an AWD vehicle is a must. In case a 2WD vehicle gets stuck in sand, mud or on a rock, there is no way that it can free itself without getting pulled out by another SUV. In a 4WD SUV, the power is sent to all wheels which means, even if any one of the wheels get stuck, the other wheels would work to get the vehicle out. It is also not recommended to go out on such expeditions alone. Always go in groups and carry basic recovery equipment so that even if the vehicle gets stuck, there is a back up vehicle to recover it.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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