YouTuber attempts to pull a 50 seater bus using Ultraviolette F77 EV bike: Can the electric bike do it? [Video]

ultraviolette f77 pulling bus

Electric cars and bikes are most likely the future of mobility, and we are witnessing a shift in the same direction in India as well. Ultraviolette, an Indian startup for electric motorcycles, launched their electric motorcycle last year. Malayalam movie actor Dulquer Salmaan is also associated with the brand and is one of the investors. Their first product, the F77, has already been launched, and deliveries for it have also started. A couple of celebrities, including Dulquer and Ranvijay, have already purchased it. We all know that EVs are highly torquey, and this quality helps them in many situations. Here we have a video in which a YouTuber attempts to pull a tourist bus weighing over 7,500 kgs using the Ultraviolette F77 electric bike.

The video has been uploaded by BikeWithGirl on her YouTube channel. The YouTuber is actually in Karnataka, testing the capabilities of the Ultraviolette F77. The vlogger mentions that in this test, she would try to check how hard it would be for the EV to pull a car, a truck, and then a bus. They start by tying a Toyota Innova behind the F77. The Innova weighs around 1700 kgs. The car is tied using a proper tow strap and is secured to a new metal piece positioned behind the rear wheels.

The weight of the car does not directly fall on the body panels, which could easily break when pressure is exerted. The F77 easily pulled the car through the track. It appears that the test is being conducted on an abandoned airstrip. You should never attempt such stunts on public roads. After successfully pulling the car, the bike lined up in front of the truck with a 20 feet container. The weight of the truck was around 6,500 kgs. The ignition of the truck was turned off, the rider took the keys, and then she came back and sat on the bike. She started accelerating, and the bike slowly started moving forward. The speed was much less than before; however, it did manage to pull the truck.

YouTuber attempts to pull a 50 seater bus using Ultraviolette F77 EV bike: Can the electric bike do it? [Video]
Utraviolette F77 pulling bus

The third challenge was the bus. The tourist bus weighed around 7,500 kgs, and before the attempt, it rained, making the airstrip very wet. We know that wet surfaces are not ideal for such tests; however, the rider decided to proceed anyway. The bus was tied behind the bike, and surprisingly, the F77 pulled the bus as well. The speed was not much, but it was definitely gaining speed.

Finally, after this test, the organizer tied the truck and the bus together and asked the rider to pull a combined weight of around 14,000 kgs. The bike did struggle a bit here; however, it did start moving forward after a few seconds. Once it gained momentum, it was easy for the bike. The reason Ultraviolette managed to do this is because it is an electric vehicle. Torque is available instantly, and there is no power loss compared to an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). However, we would not recommend regularly doing such things, as it would put a lot of pressure on the motor and could potentially damage it in the long run.