YouTuber compares Tata 207 pickup with Bentley Mulsanne in a hilarious parody video

When someone thinks of Bentley, the popular British luxury carmaker, you expect its competition to involve vehicles like Rolls Royce or Mercedes Maybach. This anticipation arises because these cars share a similar caliber and compete against one another. However, a recent YouTube sensation, a certain YouTuber, took an unconventional approach by comparing a Tata 207 pickup truck to the multi-crore Bentley Mulsanne in a hilarious YouTube short. This video was shared as a response to a viral clip featuring a Bentley Mulsanne in a satisfying ASMR video.

This incredibly amusing video was shared by JustSul on their YouTube channel. For those unfamiliar with Just Sul, he is an Indian content creator residing in Dubai. He is known for creating comical parodies of celebrity photographs and crafting humorous videos by imitating these famous personalities. In his latest parody video, Just Sul recreated a video featuring a woman showcasing various sounds produced by different parts of a Bentley Mulsanne luxury SUV.

In his video, Just Sul meticulously replicates each aspect of the original viral video, but with a humorous twist, by juxtaposing it with the widely popular Indian pickup truck, the Tata 207. In the initial clip, the woman taps on the Bentley grille and logo, softly whispering “Bentley.” Similarly, Just Sul imitates the same action with the Tata 207 grille, tapping the Tata emblem and uttering “Tata.” The woman proceeds to display the Bentley’s alloy wheels, and Just Sul humorously imitates this with the Tata pickup’s wheels.

Continuing, the woman opens the door of the Bentley Mulsanne and once again whispers “Bentley.” Just Sul mimics this action with the pickup. Furthermore, the woman starts the Mulsanne’s engine, prompting Just Sul to do the same, playfully poking fun at the Bentley. Progressing, the woman sensually waves her hand over the Bentley’s steering wheel, a gesture emulated with comical accuracy by Just Sul. Lastly, the woman showcases a water glass placed in the cup holder, which prompts Just Sul to repeat the action using a small water bottle. Just as the woman taps the glass and says “Bentley,” Just Sul taps the water and concludes the video with a spirited “TATA.” This video adds yet another hilarious parody to the collection of content created by the comedic mastermind Just Sul.

YouTuber compares Tata 207 pickup with Bentley Mulsanne in a hilarious parody video

This isn’t the first instance of Just Sul creating an extremely hilarious video involving automobiles. Several years ago, the YouTuber released a spoof video in which he imitated the immensely popular Australian automotive influencer, Supercar Blondie. In this parody, Just Sul humorously dubbed himself “Supercar Brownie” and delivered an uproarious review of the ultra-expensive and rare Ferrari Monza SP2. For those unfamiliar, the Ferrari Monza SP2 ranks among the rarest and most costly Ferrari track cars ever produced, renowned for its design that deviates from the conventional windshield setup. Just Sul’s review of this vehicle was executed in a brilliantly funny manner, elevating the entertainment factor by tenfold.

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