Youtuber converts a truck into a swimming pool on wheels [video]

There are several experiment videos available online. Some of these videos are informative while some are just for fun. We have featured some of these fun experiment videos on our website as well. Many of these experiments require some sort of vehicle for this experiment. Here we have one such viral video that uses a truck or a lorry which has been converted into a swimming pool on wheels. How did the YouTuber do it? lets check the video out.

The video has been uploaded by Crazy XYZ on their YouTube channel. Video starts with vlogger showing the lorry that he is planning use in his experiment. It is a good lorry with metal side walls. Vlogger had planned to convert the rear goods loading area of the lorry into a swimming pool. We have seen similar type of videos from different parts of the world but, they normally make these conversions on pick-up trucks which are very common there. There are even videos where the rear of a pickup truck has been converted into an aquarium.

Vlogger luckily had no such plans. He took the idea and made it bigger. Instead of going for a small vehicle, he took a lorry that is capable of carrying weights of upto 20 tons. The panels and side walls on the luggage loading of the truck is made from metal sheets and other material. So directly filling the water in won’t work as it would all leak out. The loading bed in the truck can be accessed using the gate at the rear. A large wooden board was placed above it to close all the sides.

Youtuber converts a truck into a swimming pool on wheels

Once the wooden board was in place, vlogger and his friends brought a large piece of plastic sheet and spread it inside the truck. They opened it and stuck the edges to all the four wall using duct tape. Once the plastic sheet was secured, they started filling the water in it. This was a simple experiment and vlogger mentions that h just wanted to see if he can convert the lorry into a swimming pool on wheels.

Once the water was filled, vlogger climbed up on the roof of the lorry and then jumped into the pool with his friend. Video does not mention the time it took to fill the rear of the truck with water. It is a large lorry and holds decent amount of water in it. Once all his friends had jumped into the pool, he asks the driver to drive the lorry.

The truck starts moving and water inside the pool which was stable started to make small waves due to motion. At one point, when the driver pressed the brakes, the water behind the truck was all pushed forward and formed waves. The power of water was so much that the plastic sheet at the rear wall was pushed out and the water started leaking out. Somehow, the group managed to push the plastic sheet out and managed not to loose all the water in it.