YouTuber destroys multi-crore Lamborghini Urus to promote his energy drink

YouTube has now become a platform for many youngsters to create and share new and unique content. Many people even use this as a medium of marketing. We have come across several unique ideas and videos on YouTube from people. Russian YouTubers are quite popular online. They are often to make videos using expensive cars and in most cases they destroy those cars for video. Here we have one such video where a Russian YouTuber destroyed a multi-crore Lamborghini Urus SUV. He did this just so that he can promote his own range of energy drink.

The video has been uploaded by LITVIN on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger is seen driving a truck with a trailer at its back. The trailer is actually filled with energy drink. The energy drinks are from his own brand and he has named it Lit Energy. Most of the things in this video are scripted.

He initially mentions that his plan is to transfer the energy into a huge container which is designed in the shape of his energy drink can. After filling he had planned to drop the car down and the way the huge can would explode would make things interesting.

In order to take things to the next level, his friends ask him to park his Lamborghini Urus SUV under the can to show how destructive it can be. He then talks a lot about the car and also shares couple of memories with the car. He finally agrees to it and drives the car and parks it in the position where the can would fall. By this time, the huge can was filled with energy drinks and it was weighing almost 3 tons. Using a heavy duty crane, the extremely huge can was lifted up in the air.

YouTuber destroys multi-crore Lamborghini Urus to promote his energy drink

Once the cameras were all in position, the YouTuber asks the crane operator to drop the can. The massive can was coming toward the ground and we can clearly see it on the cameras placed in different angles. It falls directly on to the white coloured Lamborghini Urus SUV. The huge can fell on the rear of the Lamborghini Urus and completely destroyed it. The energy drink inside the can just exploded after the can hit the ground or in this case, the Lamborghini. This was all done in order to promote his brand of energy drinks and in two weeks time, this video has already got around 7.2  million views.

This is not the first time, he has done something like this. In the past, this YouTuber has also burned his Mercedes-AMG GT 63S coupe after facing several issues with the vehicle. Coming to the Lamborghini Urus, it is one of the most popular and fastest-selling Lamborghini in India and around the world. Many celebrities in India have already bought this Super SUV. It is powered by a 4.0 litre, twin-turbo V8 engine that generates around 650 Ps and 850 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and Lamborghini also offers customisation options. Price for a brand new Lamborghini Urus in India starts at around Rs 3.15 crore, ex-showroom.