Youtuber drives 41 nails into the tyre of a Toyota Fortuner [Video]

Getting a puncture on your car or a bike can actually ruin the mood. Earlier, cars and bikes were available with tube tyres but now, most of them are available with tubeless tyres. This makes fixing puncture a lot more easier. There are other benefits of having a tubeless tyres on your vehicle as well. Here we have a video that shows one such advantage.

The video has been shared by MR. INDIAN HACKER on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger brings in his Toyota Fortuner and parks it on the side of the road. He then explains what he has planned for the video. The vlogger had bought some nails and will puncture one of the tyre on the Fortuner to see how the tyre would react.

All the tyres had optimum pressure in them. He starts with one nail. Vlogger was not able to drive the nail into the tyre. He then seeked help from his friend who hammered the nail to the tyre. Once the nail was hammered in, they looked at the tyres for some time and they did not see air leaking out. Next he uses more nails and repeats the process. He hammer upto 10 nails into the tyre and still the tyre was holding air in it.

Vlogger was surprised and decided to put more nail to the tyre. They hammered a total of 41 nails into the tyre. During the process many of his friends got injured as the hammer hit their fingers. Finally, vlogger managed to drive in all the nails. After puncturing the tyre at 41 different spots, the vlogger poured water on to the tyre to see if it leaking any air. There was air leaking out but, it was nothing serious.

Youtuber drives 41 nails into the tyre of a Toyota Fortuner [Video]

The tyres was still holding air in it. The SUV was parked till this time. Vlogger now gets in and starts moving the SUV forward and in reverse. What this did was all the nail that was poking out went inside the tyre completely. Only the head of the nail was to be seen.

He then drives the SUV on the road. By then, the SUV had started loosing air and it was visible in the video. VLogger drives the SUV on proper road and the portion where nail meets the ground started making weird noise. This was a a puncture that the vlogger had intentionally made on the tyre but, if the car gets such a puncture at high speeds, there is a possibility that the driver might loose control of the vehicle.

There were 41 punctures on the tyre and the vlogger could still cover some distance before getting it fixed. In case of tyre where there is tube inside the tyre, the tyre would immediately deflate if it gets a puncture. The reason why it happens is because the air is trapped inside the tube and not the tyre. The walls of the tube would immediately deflate in case a sharp object hits it. In a tubeless tyre, the pressure is directly exerted on the tyre. This experiment should not be done at home as it would completely make the tyre useless. You’ll have to buy a brand new tyre.