Youtuber fined Rs 30,500 for driving BS4 Toyota Fortuner in Delhi [Video]

toyota fortuner fine delhi bs4

The pollution levels in the Delhi NCR region have been very poor and severe for the last month. Every year, when a situation like this arises, the government implements rules to control the pollution. One of the first things they do as part of this is to put a ban on BS4 diesel cars and BS3 petrol vehicles. On November 2, the government implemented the ban on BS4 diesel cars and BS3 petrol cars in the Delhi NCR region. Many people were using these vehicles on the road unaware of the ban and were fined by the cops. Here we have a video from a YouTuber who is seen sharing his experience with the cops after he got fined Rs 30,500 for driving his BS4 diesel Fortuner in Delhi.

The video has been shared by Daksh Ahlawat on his YouTube channel. The vlogger explains how he got into this situation. Earlier this month, he got to know that his brother was coming to India from the USA, and the vlogger simply took his Fortuner out and started driving to the Delhi airport. In this video, he claims that he was completely unaware of the diesel ban in the Delhi NCR region. He was stopped by cops on his way to the airport a couple of times, and they did not ask for any documents and let the vehicle go.

After entering Delhi, his Fortuner was stopped by a Toyota Innova used by traffic police. The vlogger, unaware of this new ban, stopped the vehicle and gave all the documents to the cops. Upon inspection, they found that the Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate of the Fortuner had expired. An expired pollution certificate in a vehicle is a serious violation in the Delhi NCR region, and the cops can issue a Rs 10,000 fine for the same. The vlogger tells the cop that he was not aware of it and the PUC had expired only a few days ago.

Youtuber fined Rs 30,500 for driving BS4 Toyota Fortuner in Delhi [Video]
YouTuber’s BS4 Fortuner fined

The officers then revealed to the vlogger that the BS4 vehicle that he is driving is currently banned in the Delhi NCR region, and there is a heavy fine for the same as well. He was shocked to hear that as he did not come across the reports about it anywhere in the news. He explained his situation. The cops told him that they understand the situation, and the YouTuber claims that the cops told him that they are letting them go this time and they want him to sign on a receipt.

As it was dark, the vlogger could not see what was written on the printout. He signed the paper in a hurry and took the receipt. The cops even told him that they just have to show the receipt to cops in case they stop him anywhere in Delhi on that day. He was actually happy to see how friendly the cops were. After driving the car for some distance, the vlogger checked the receipt and found that the cops had actually handed him a receipt with details of the challan with violations.

His BS4 Fortuner diesel 4×2 was fined Rs 30,500: Rs 10,000 for an expired PUC and Rs 20,000 for violating the BS4 diesel ban. The cop also added a Rs 500 fine, claiming that the owner failed to produce relevant documents. The vlogger was actually not happy about this, and he says that the cops themselves are using BS4 diesel vehicles. We feel the YouTuber is not aware of the fact that police vehicles and other vehicles used for emergency services are exempted from this ban.