YouTuber installs a window AC in Tata Punch to beat the heat [Video]

North Indian summers are extreme. If you own a car, you know that even the air conditioning system in the car feels very weak during this time. It take more time than usual to cool down the cabin. As there are not many places or parking spots with shades, most of them are forced to part their vehicle under direct sunlight.  There are several accessories available in the markt that would help you manage the heat inside the cabin and we have done an article about the things that you should do and not do while sitting inside a car that is parked outside. A YouTuber from India however took things to next level and decided to install a window AC in his Tata Punch micro SUV to cool down the cabin faster.

The video has been installed by FWS – FunWithScience on their YouTube channel. In this video, the YouTuber shows how much time does the car AC take to cool the cabin down and compares it with the time taken by the window AC that he has installed in the car. He does not show he managed to fit a window AC unit inside the Tata Punch. He uses an inverter and couple of batteries to power the AC unit which we normally see in our houses. Unlike the regular AC unit, the window AC requires more power and that is why, he uses external batteries.

The AC unit is placed in the boot of the car and the batteries and inverter is also placed next to it. The rear seat is completely folded down to ensure that the AV and other equipment sits perfectly.  In this video, the vlogger parks his car outside for some time and then sits in it. He turns the car AC on and  starts measuring the temperature inside the cabin before starting the AC and after starting it. The car AC starts to work and it took the car AC around half an hour to completely the cool the cabin down. As we all know, car ACs are not as powerful as the ones that you install in your house. After noting the time and temperature of the car AC, the vlogger parks, the car in a parking space to see how people reacted to his experiment.

YouTuber installs a window AC in Tata Punch to beat the heat [Video]

Many people initially thought that the vlogger was actually selling the AC and the inverter. Many of them approached and saw what this whole set up was. One of vloggers friend even said that it was totally unnecessary. Some of them appreciated the ‘Jugaad’ as we Indians like to call it. The window AC only takes 4 mins to cool down the cabin completely but, the problem with this is that the owner cannot use the AC while he is driving it. He has to keep the tail gate open so that the hot air from the AC can go out without getting trapped inside the car. As an experiment, this jugaad was good but, it is not all practical as it eats up most of the space in your boot and also the rear seat.