YouTuber shares his experience after calling Mahindra RSA to change Scorpio N’s flat tyre [Video]

The Mahindra Scorpio N is one of the most popular 7-seater SUVs in the market. Ever since its launch, the SUV has had a long waiting period, and several videos of this SUV can be found online. It is currently the only SUV in its segment that comes with 4×4 as an option. There are many performance, off-road, and ownership review videos of the Mahindra Scorpio N available online. In this particular video, a customer tests the efficiency of Mahindra’s Roadside Assistance after getting a flat tyre on his Mahindra Scorpio during a road trip.

The video was uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. The vlogger recently purchased the Scorpio N and has already covered over 14,000 km in the vehicle. He purchased the top-end diesel manual 4×4 SUV and went on a road trip with some of his friends. It is important to note that this is the same YouTuber who had an issue with the sunroof and had it repaired. While returning from the road trip, the Scorpio N was involved in an accident.

The left side of the bumper and the fog lamps were damaged in the accident. All the occupants were safe, and the car was in a drivable condition. The vlogger drove the car back, and on his way, he realized that the left front tyre was losing air. He decided to change the tyre with the spare wheel that comes with the Scorpio N. It was still early in the morning, and none of the shops were open. They parked the vehicle in front of a shop, took out the jack, and started lifting the vehicle, and loosened the lug nuts.

YouTuber shares his experience after calling Mahindra RSA to change Scorpio N’s flat tyre [Video]
RSA changing flat tyre in Scorpio N

The spanner that came with the Scorpio N was slipping, and they were unable to remove the wheel. The vlogger decided to call Mahindra’s RSA for help. He gave them all the necessary information, such as the location, color of the vehicle, and transmission type. After obtaining the details, the customer care executive informed them that an RSA team would soon get in touch with them and reach the location within 60 minutes. If they couldn’t fix the issue on-site, they would have to tow the vehicle to a nearby service center. Also Read: Mahindra Scorpio-N owner calls SUV a ‘Garbage Bin’: Shares list of problems

Within minutes of the call, the vlogger received a call from a local vendor associated with Mahindra RSA. The vendor asked if they had the toolkit with them. The vlogger explained that the spanner was slipping from the lug nut and was of no use. The mechanic informed them that the lug nuts on Scorpio N were extremely tight, and it wasn’t an issue with the tool. Fifty minutes after the initial call, the RSA team arrived, and the person started working on the flat tyre. He used a long metal rod attached to the spanner to apply more pressure on the lug nut, and he was successful in loosening the nuts.

He then replaced the flat tyre with the spare wheel and kept the spare wheel in the boot. The vlogger was extremely satisfied with the service, and he mentions that this service is completely free for the first three years after purchasing the car. He did not pay anything for this service.