Youtuber converts Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedan into a remote control car

Growing up many of us might have used or played with remote control cars. Remote controlled cars are still available in the market but, many of them are way more technologically advanced than what most of us were used to. There are online communities for such remote control cars and other vehicles. Have you ever thought of controlling a real car using a remote control just like in the some sci-fi movies. Well, a YouTuber from India has actually figured out a way and completely transformed a normal car into a remote control car. What makes this experiment even more interesting is the car that he chose. He chose an old W211 Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedan for this experiment.

The video has been uploaded by MR. INDIAN HACKER on his YouTube channel. YouTuber has done several videos of similar type in the past. He had built one such car some time ago and he mentioned that it took him and his team approximately 3 months to finish it. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class however was converted to a Remote Control car in just 15 days.

The work was carried out in their own garage. Vlogger reveals the car in the video and then shows the remote control as well. Vlogger can control several things in the car using the remote control. He uses the switch on his button to turn on the lights and then he revs the car by pressing the accelerator using the remote. The car slowly rolls out of his garage and the vlogger hops on to the bonnet and takes it out for a spin.

Youtuber converts Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedan into a remote control car

In order to test the vehicle, they took the car out to an open field. Here the vlogger shows how the car looks on the inside after all the changes. Many things have been changed in the car. The steering wheel has been replaced with a pulley. There is a motor installed on the floor of the car that controls the direction of the car. As this is an automatic car, the accelerator, brake and the gear lever are also being controlled using sensors.

Vlogger and his friends sit inside and on top of the car and enjoy the ride. This video does not actually show how vlogger actually made this car. He can be heard saying in the video that they faced several challenges during the process. One of the main issue was the wiring. As this project was being done as part of an experiment none of them actually knew what exactly needs to be done. They took help from the internet videos and number of times, the wiring in the car got shot.

Finally after working for almost 15 days, vlogger and his friends finally managed to finish the project. It still had some issues but, the car was working and acting as per the signals from remote control. Vlogger mentions that he’ll be coming up with a second part to the video where he’ll be explaining what all components have been used in the car. We have seen similar type of videos in Top Gear TV show and this is probably the first a YouTube from India has done this.