YouTuber modifies Bajaj Pulsar with custom made hubless rear wheel [Video]

In sci-fi movies, you often see bikes and cars with hubless wheels. Such wheels definitely look different and unique, but we don’t see them on our regular vehicles due to multiple reasons. One reason is that it is extremely difficult to make and even harder to maintain in the long run compared to regular wheels. However, we know that there are a few people in India who like to experiment with things. Here we have a YouTuber who has designed a hubless wheel for a motorcycle. Not only did he design it, but he also installed it on his Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle and rode it around.

The video has been uploaded by Creative Science on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger buys a used 2012 model Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle for his project. After buying the bike, he took measurements of the rear wheels and started dismantling the rear section of the bike. He removed the side panels, rear shock absorbers, swingarm, wheels, chain, sprocket, and also the seats and plastic panels around it. Once this was done, he started working on the wheel itself. He used high carbon chromium steel for this project. As this is a process that requires expensive machinery and expertise, the vlogger got in touch with a factory that can forge the wheel out of this material.

The high carbon chromium steel was heated and then shaped like a large ring or wheel. They made two wheels like this, one slightly smaller than the other. After the wheel was forged, the wheels were hardened to ensure that they can handle the weight and pressure. Before this process, the larger wheel got grooves on the inside, and the smaller wheel got grooves on the outside. These grooves were created for the steel balls that would be placed between these rings. In short, the hubless wheel is actually a huge ball bearing.

Once the wheel was working without any issues, the vlogger started working on the swingarm. The new wheel needed a custom swingarm too. He took measurements and brought metal pipes. Instead of modifying the existing swingarm, he decided to make a new one to suit his needs. Not only did he make the wheel, but he also made a sprocket specially for this purpose. He used two chains to send power from the engine to the rear wheels. The smaller wheel was attached to the swingarm and acted as the hub, while the outer wheel was rolling and the steel balls inside helped it stay in one place. The steel rims were wrapped with wide aftermarket wheels.

YouTuber modifies Bajaj Pulsar with custom made hubless rear wheel [Video]
Bajaj Pulsar 150 with hubless wheel

The rear suspension on the Bajaj Pulsar 150 is a dual-shock absorber setup. This was replaced as part of the customization with a monoshock unit. The rear now has a disc brake setup from the Bajaj Pulsar 220. The footrest and the brake master cylinder were all borrowed from the Pulsar 220. How the rear brakes work on this setup is not explained in this video. Overall, the efforts and the way this project was executed look professional. The YouTuber did not go for cost-cutting methods and built a neat-looking specimen.