YouTuber modifies Maruti Omni by installing massive tractor wheels [Video]

Maruti Omni was a popular van of its time. Due to new emission and safety norms, Maruti had to discontinue this small van from the market. There are still many people who own a Maruti Omni and some of them even modified it. We have featured several tastefully modified examples of Maruti Omni from different parts of the country. Here we have a video of a Maruti Omni with very unique type of modification. A YouTuber has modified a regular Maruti Omni into a Monster van by installing massive tractor wheels in it.

The video has been uploaded by Crazy XYZ on their YouTube channel. This is not the first time, vlogger has come up with such an idea. Earlier, he had done a similar experiment on an old Hyundai Accent and ended up breaking the vehicle completely. The first experiment was a failure so he decided to try it on another vehicle. The other vehicle was an old Omni van which was lying in his garage for several months.

He remove the original wheels on the van and installed metal extenders to the axle. The metal extenders had damaged from the previous experiment so, they reinforced them using more metal plates and rods. They used the same tyres from the previous experiment. These tyres were taken from two tractors and they were attached to the van using the new metal extenders. In comparison to Hyundai Accent, Maruti Van was a lot more lighter and this would make things slightly easier for the YouTuber.

Once the wheels were installed, YouTuber took the van to a road where he wanted to test whether the van would work or would it break like the Accent. The van with massive tractor wheels were looking quite good. It was looking like a proper monster van and the boxy design of the van was complimenting the overall look. YouTuber then enters the cabin by opening the sliding doors at the rear. The wheels are so large that they are coming on the way of front doors. The vlogger has to access the cabin from the rear only.

YouTuber modifies Maruti Omni by installing massive tractor wheels [Video]

Once he sits on to the driver seat, he starts the van and slowly drives it. As the wheels are large and the car has become heavier, the engine has to put a lot more effort to move the vehicle. The van starts moving slowly and the vlogger was very happy with the modification. He keeps on driving the van through the narrow village road. The van has become so wide that no other vehicles could actually overtake him. He had to stop in between to make way for other vehicles to pass. The brakes are also not very effective on this monster van.

After driving it for some time, the van starts making some noise because the wheels bolts were getting loose. After this was repaired the van was driven for some more distance. After stopping the van, vlogger realised that smoke had started to come from the engine. The experiment was successful but, it is not the best in terms of practicality.