YouTuber teaches his mom to drive an Audi R8 supercar

Growing up many of us might have had a wall dedicated in the room for supercars and sports bike posters. Lamborghini, Ferrari all might have found a space on that wall. As a child those were our dream cars and bikes and after growing up, some of us did manage to turn those dreams into reality. We now have several supercar owners in our country and these brands have even opened up dealerships in India. Audi R8 is one such supercar which is popular among enthusiast community but, sadly the model has now been discontinued. There are still decent number of Audi R8 supercars in India and here we have a video where a vlogger is seen teaching his mother to drive an Audi R8.

The video has been uploaded by YPM Vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video, YouTuber explains his plan for the day. He moves out of his room and asks him mother to join. She was already informed about this idea and was ready for it. Vlogger went down to the lot where he had parked his bikes and cars. Vlogger drove the car out and he did mention that he will be letting his mother drive the car once then join the road.

After joining the road, he takes her through the controls. He shows how to slot the car in gear. It is an automatic car and he demonstrated how to slot the lever into automatic mode where gears would keep on changing automatically. Once he had explained basic things, they change seats. Vlogger was now sitting on the passenger side and his mother was on the driver side.

Before moving, she adjusted the seat for a comfortable seating position. Audi R8 comes with an electrically adjustable seats. Once vlogger’s mother had found a perfect seating position, vlogger started guiding her to slot the vehicle to gear and then look for traffic coming from rear. He asked her to tap the accelerator pedal gently and then let the car move slowly. She did the same and in sometime she was driving the car.

YouTuber teaches his mom to drive an Audi R8 supercar

Initially when she had started driving the Audi R8, it looked like she was nervous. She was nervous because she was driving a supercar for the first time but, with proper guidance from the vlogger she managed to pull it off. After some time, vlogger asked her to push the accelerator a bit more unleash the power that Audi R8 is hiding. She said, it felt like any other car while driving and it was only when you pushed it hard you start realizing how powerful this car actually is.

Audi R8 seen here in the video is a V10 engine variant. It is powered by a 5.2 litre V10 petrol engine that generates 525 Bhp and 530 Nm of peak torque. Audi R8 is a powerful machine and it can do 0-100 kmph in just 4 seconds. It can do speeds over 300 kmph easily. Audi R8 as mentioned above is not available in the market but, several examples are available in the used car market.