YouTuber on Yamaha R15 breaks car mirror and makes a video of it: Bengaluru police arrest him, seize bike

With the rising number of social media influencers, everyone wants to do something different and unique to gain views. Here is an incident that became viral on the Internet a few days ago. Bangalore Police then tracked down the YouTuber and arrested him and also seized the motorcycle.

The incident happened after Mr Crazy who is identified as Mohammed Javeed shared a video of himself chasing a cab on the public roads in order to intimidate him. The video recording from his helmet-mounted camera showed a Maruti Suzuki Dzire not stopping for a traffic signal and cutting him off while he was entering a junction. The rider then chased the cab and then threw his hand on the ORVM of the vehicle.

He broke the ORVM, which we can see lying on the road. While the Dzire driver slowed down and stopped on the shoulder of the road, the vlogger took a quick U-Turn and left the spot without any face-to-face conversation.

Bangalore Police saw the viral video after it spread quickly on social media. The police then tracked down the rider and arrested him for doing illegal stunts. They also seized his Yamaha YZF-R15 motorcycle. While police have not explicitly shared the charges they have against the rider, such stunts can ensure a few days in the lock-up.

Don’t engage in road rage

YouTuber on Yamaha R15 breaks car mirror and makes a video of it: Bengaluru police arrest him, seize bike

Road rage can strike at any moment and escalate quickly. It’s essential to maintain a cool head while driving, especially on chaotic Indian roads. Here are some tips to ensure you avoid road rage incidents:

Stay relaxed: Driving should be a calming experience. Play some music, use the air conditioner, take deep breaths, and try to maintain a positive mood while on the road.

Observe speed limits: Stay within the prescribed speed limits, use signals appropriately when changing lanes, and utilize your rearview mirrors effectively. Be prepared for others’ mistakes or aggressive behavior.

Practice politeness: Being polite goes a long way in preventing conflicts. Yield to vehicles at roundabouts as per the right of way rules. If a car is signaling to change lanes, slow down and give them space instead of closing the gap.

By following these tips and showing consideration to others on the road, you can significantly reduce the chances of road rage incidents and make driving a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Law enforcement authorities are now utilizing viral videos as evidence to issue challans and penalties. Engaging in stunts or reckless driving on public roads is strictly illegal, and offenders may face severe consequences, including imprisonment and hefty fines. Performing stunts on public roads can lead to dire situations for several reasons. If individuals wish to practice stunting or record videos, it should be done only on private properties like race tracks or farmhouses. It is crucial to acknowledge that such stunts pose significant risks and should be avoided for the safety of oneself and others on the road.

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