YouTuber places Maruti WagonR on top of Tata Sumo to make a double storey car [Video]

We have seen several type of vehicle modification and stunt videos on the internet. Many YouTubers who have taken content creation seriously often come up with weird ideas in order to keep their subscribers or followers entertained. Some of them are informational while some are meant for fun alone. We have featured some of those videos of those videos on our website as well. Here we have a video where a vlogger places one car on top of the other to make a double storey car. It was actually an experiment video. Did it work? well, let’s check the video to find out.

The video has been uploaded by Crazy XYZ on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger brings an old Tata Sumo and explains his plan. He also has an old Maruti WagonR next to it and he plans to place the WagonR on top of the Tata Sumo. Vlogger can be heard saying in the video that as the Tata Sumo used in the experiment is old, they got it inspected at a nearby workshop to make sure that the body is strong.

Vlogger is not making any changes to the Maruti WagonR. None of the parts like the engine, wheels, seats have been removed from the car. Tata Sumo has a roof mounted luggage carrier. In order to do this experiment, vlogger and his friends hire a crane. The crane lifts the Wagonr using rope and neatly places it on the roof of the Tata Sumo. Initially, when the WagonR was kept on the roof, the car moved but, then some adjustments were made and the car was tightly put in place using ropes.

YouTuber places Maruti WagonR on top of Tata Sumo to make a double storey car [Video]

First stage of the experiment was completed successfully. The next stage was to drive the Tata Sumo. This was the risky part as the WagonR that is placed above the Tata Sumo has a weight of almost 800-900 kilograms. This is placed on the roof of an old Tata Sumo. Vlogger warns the viewers to not try these stunts at home as it is dangerous. They chose an empty field for the experiment for safety purpose.

The vlogger then sits in and wears a safety helmet. No one else is sitting inside the car at this point. Vlogger starts the car and smoothly starts driving it without any jerks. Vlogger was tensed as he was totally aware about the danger that is involved in this experiment. He was driving the car at a very slow speed. While taking turns, he was very careful. He mentions that the body roll on the Sumo increased after placing the WagonR on top.

Body roll increased because the car was now very tall and the centre of gravity had also changed. After some time, the luggage rack on the the roof of Sumo got crushed by the weight of the WagonR. The car did not move from its place as it was tied tightly using the rope. He even drives with couple of his friends on the side step for some time before ending the experiment.