YouTuber pranks girls as a Rapido rider with Suzuki Hayabusa superbike [Video]

When solo people have to travel small distances in city traffic, a lot of them prefer to book a bike taxi from popular aggregators like Rapido. Now, imagine if you were one of those people who booked a ride from Rapido, thinking that a Honda Activa would come to pick you up. However, instead, a Rs 17 lakh Suzuki Hayabusa superbike comes in front. You’ll be shocked, right? Well, at least this is what happened with these few female customers in a recently shared video on YouTube. These girls were pranked by a popular YouTuber who went to pick them up on a Hayabusa superbike.

YouTuber Pranks Rapido Riders

The video of this Suzuki Hayabusa superbike owner pranking Rapido riders has been shared on YouTube by HSB Official on their channel. The video starts off with the presenter and the owner of the Suzuki Hayabusa superbike giving an introduction. He states that in this video, he has registered his Honda Activa as a Rapido bike and will be taking bookings. Now, as a prank, he will show up on this superbike and check the reactions of people who have booked an Activa but are instead getting rides on a Suzuki Hayabusa.

Following this, the YouTuber shows that the first booking for the day has come, and he is going to pick the rider up. Soon after, he starts riding his bike towards the pickup point, and after reaching it, he meets a college student. He then introduces himself as a Rapido rider, and the girl gets shocked and asks him if Rapido drivers come on Activa, right? To this, the YouTuber answers that his Activa got punctured, so he had to come on this bike.

He then asks her where she wants to get dropped off. The girl answers that she has to go to Delhi Haat, to her college. After this, he asks her if she knows what bike it is, and she replies that she has seen this Hayabusa bike in the “Dhoom” movie. Next, he asks her to sit in the back, and he starts the ride. During the ride, the YouTuber keeps the pillion engaged in conversation by asking her questions about the bike and this experience. She states that she has never ridden on a superbike, and it’s an amazing experience.

Another Girl Gets Pranked

Finally, they reach the destination, and after reaching there, the girl asks the YouTuber to click her pictures with the bike. She then poses with the bike, and he clicks her photographs. After this, she asks for another small ride, and he obliges and then drops her off at the road and goes to his second booking of the day. After reaching the second location, he could not find the pillion, so he calls them and asks for the location. After this, he meets another girl who booked a Rapido. The second girl in the video seemed hesitant about this prank and says, “How can I ride on this bike when the number plate is not the same as on the app?”

So once again, he gives the same reason as to why he is not on the registered Activa, which shows in the app. Finally, after a little convincing, the girl agrees to ride on the bike but says that she’ll only pay Rs 30 as shown on the app. The YouTuber jokingly mentions that this Hayabusa, when started, takes Rs 100 in fuel. After this, the girl replies that she will only pay Rs 30. The vlogger then agrees and starts the ride to her destination. In the meanwhile, he starts talking with the girl as she asks him what he does for a living to afford this bike.

To this, the vlogger replies that he rides for Rapido only, and he has bought this bike with hard work. He jokes that he rides for 12-13 hours daily to afford this bike. She then also jokes that if this is so profitable, he should also hire her for this job. Finally, they reach their destination, and the girl asks him one last question. She asks that if next time she calls him on the same number, would he be able to come pick her up on the same bike? The vlogger then said that it would cost her extra, to which she says that she’ll pay for the ride. After this, they both go their ways.

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