YouTuber creates India’s smallest car by modifying an old Maruti WagonR [Video]

These days on internet, a variety of content is available. When it comes to vehicles, a number of modifications videos are available online. A section of experimental videos are also available on the internet. In these videos, people usually perform some experiments on the car. Sometimes they succeed and at times, they fail. Here we have one such experimental video where a YouTuber has modified a Maruti WagonR to create India’s smallest car. How did he do it? Did it actually work? Lets check out the video to find out.

The video has been uploaded by Crazy XYZ on their YouTube channel. The video starts vlogger explaining what his plan is. He had bought a used Maruti WagonR for another experiment where he converted the 4 seater family hatchback to a limousine. After that video, he started receiving comments and suggestions from his views to create a small car hence the video.

The plan was to create a car just 6 feet long. It is smaller than a Tata Nano which was once the smallest and most affordable car in the country. In order to create this small car, the vlogger starts by removing all the alterations that he had earlier done to the car. The metal brackets, pipes that was forming the frame of the limousine was first removed and the rear section of the car was completely dumped.

They now start working on first half of the car. The car was already chopped in two portions and was ending right after the B Pillar. The first challenge they had in front of them was the fuel tank and the pump. There was space left to lay that flat on the floor. They then clear the problem by installing the fuel tank vertically right behind the co-passenger seat.

YouTuber creates India’s smallest car by modifying an old Maruti WagonR [Video]

As the car has been cut in half, it can now only accommodate two people at a time. Once that was done, the tank was secured using brackets and metal pipes. The YouTuber along with the help of this friend then roll over the car to fix the rear wheels. As there is no space for actually including a real size wheel, they come up with small supporter wheels that are used in hospital stretchers. The wheels were then welded together to the metal at the back.

The rear of the car was completely open so they use a wooden board to cover it up completely. The car was then completely painted in Red and bumper got a black shade. The YouTuber then brings the hatchback to village road with less traffic on it. He then starts driving the car. The YouTuber can be heard saying in the video that it feels very weird to drive on the road. The As the wheelbase is very short, the turning circle is very short and the tail section was coming out as they picked up speed.

The small wheels were not able to handle the pressure and the burst after covering 1.5 kms. YouTuber replaced it with metal wheels but even they broke after some time. The YouTuber was successful in creating a small car but, driving it is a task.

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