Youtuber suffering sunroof leak replies to Mahindra’s Scorpio-N video under waterfall [Video]

Currently one of the most heated debates on the internet is the one involving the battle between a YouTuber and the country’s largest utility vehicle manufacturer Mahindra. For those unaware recently a YouTuber by the name of Arun Panwar shared a video of his Mahindra Scorpio-N’s leaking water from the sunroof which he placed under a waterfall. The video went viral on the internet and there were many speculations as to what happened. Recently Mahindra then took this opportunity and took another Scorpio-N to the same waterfall and showed that this one did not leak anything. So after watching the company’s reply the YouTuber has now once again shot back at the company and shared a reply video.

The YouTuber in his video, first of all, came forward and stated he is proud that a company as big as Mahindra has taken the time to reply to him but he then mentions that the way they have done it is not good. He stated that the reply makes no sense because he in the first place never commented anything about the design flaw of the sunroof of the Scorpio-N or accused Mahindra of wrongdoing. He stated that his simple point was that it was his specific car that had a problem with the rubber of the sunroof through which it leaked.

Panwar mentioned that his whole point of making the video was to  show that his car had a manufacturing defect and it does not imply that all the Scorpio-Ns in the country will have same problem. He then requests Mahindra executives to visit their service centers and take note about how many new Scorpio-N’s have similar and worse problems. He mentions that his aim was not to throw mud over the brand. His aim was just to get a clarification of why it occurred.

He then went on to share a small clip of another Scorpio-N where three people sitting in the car ask the Alexa to close the sunroof. Panwar stated that in the same video it can be noted that sunroof rubber is also loose and has gap. He added that if this exact car was to go under a waterfall it would also leak. He then also shared another video of an Audi with the same leaking sunroof to which he prefaced that if Audi can have this problem why can’t a Mahindra have it.

Youtuber suffering sunroof leak replies to Mahindra’s Scorpio-N video under waterfall [Video]

He also shared a video in which a Scorpio-N’s infotainment screen went blank. He stated in sarcasm that according to Mahindra’s logic of sharing a video of another Scorpio-N, if his infotainment screen is working and that the one in video is not then the person has done something wrong. He shared another person’s email shared to him that another Scorpio-N had a loose rubber on the sunroof which could potentially cause the same leaking problem.

Panwar then states that he is angry at the fact that Mahindra instead of contacting him and asking about what has happened shared a video trying to prove him wrong. He added that he understands that the car is from the first lot of cars that Mahindra delivered and could have had problems but he stated that instead of taking the feedback the company went after him to defame him and imply that he might have done something to the car to gain views.

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