YouTuber with sunroof issue gets back Mahindra Scorpio-N: Happy with the service [Video]

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The YouTuber who previously had a conflict with the largest SUV maker in the country, Mahindra, has received his Scorpio-N back from the company. Recently, Arun Panwar, a popular YouTube personality, received his Mahindra Scorpio-N from the dealership after it completed the necessary investigation and repair job at no cost to him. The company also handed him a letter and invoice for the job done on the car at his residence.

In his most recent video, Arun Pawar took delivery of his Mahindra Scorpio-N, which was collected from his house a few days ago for the repair of the sunroof that had leaked after he took it under a waterfall. The video of him taking the car under the waterfall gained a lot of attention in the country because his interior got soaked in water after the sunroof leaked. Following this round of back-and-forth communication between the YouTuber and Mahindra, the company took the car and repaired it at its own cost.

In the delivery video, the YouTuber took the keys to his Scorpio-N and returned the loaner XUV700, which the company gave him in the meantime. After receiving the car, Pawar checked the sunroof assembly of the car and mentioned that Mahindra had replaced the entire assembly worth Rs 53,000 free of cost. He added that all the other issues with the car were also addressed by the company and replaced free of cost. Following this, he signed off some paperwork with the executive from Mahindra in his house and stated that he was completely satisfied with the car and the service provided by the company.

The entire gesture from Mahindra in this incident has been extremely great, and it shows that the company listens to its customers. However, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Mahindra, in its letter addressed to Arun Pawar, stated that they took in the car after the controversy and investigated it. It further stated that upon the completion of their investigation, Mahindra stated something completely different from what Pawar initially claimed to be the issue.

YouTuber with sunroof issue gets back Mahindra Scorpio-N: Happy with the service [Video]

Mahindra, in its letter, stated, “Basis our analysis of the vehicle and the diagnostic data from logs, we have found that the sunroof of the Scorpio-N was partially open at the time when the vehicle was taken under the high-velocity waterfall that led to the entry of water into the cabin.” The letter further stated, “While the damage to the sunroof and the vehicle happened due to an unusual and potentially unsafe usage, being a customer-centric organization, our dealership has carried out the repair as a gesture of goodwill.”

Additionally, the letter stated, “We remain confident that under normal circumstances, such instances are near to impossible in the Scorpio-N. We strongly advise you and all our customers to not expose the sunroof to high pressure as was done under a heavy waterfall in this case.” The letter was addressed to Arun Pawar from Ashwani Garg, Zonal Head, North Zone – Customer Care, Mahindra and Mahindra.

In the video, Arun Pawar did not fully read the letter. However, he still thanked Mahindra for their service and then took the car for a drive on the highway. He stated that after driving the XUV700, the Scorpio-N felt a little bulky but still good.