YouTuber tests Toyota Hyryder AWD & Maruti Suzuki Jimny 4×4 in slush [Video]

SUVs are quite popular in India; however, only a small portion of people actually opt for 4x4s or AWD vehicles. Even people who buy such cars often don’t take them off-road. In most cases, these vehicles spend their time navigating the urban jungle, tackling potholes and drains. However, if you ever plan to take your vehicle off-road or on challenging terrain, you must know how to operate it in such situations. Here, we have a video where a YouTuber takes a Toyota Hyryder and a Maruti Jimny into the slush to see how they perform.

The video has been uploaded by Aayush Ssm on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger and his friends take a Toyota Hyryder and a Maruti Jimny to a section filled with slush. It was not actually an off-road stretch but rather a part of the ground filled with water and sticky mud. The vlogger was in the Hyryder, so he took the SUV in first. The SUV was in stock condition, and even the tires offered with the SUV were Highway Terrain ones.

The vlogger had engaged the auto mode in the Hyryder, which meant the SUV was automatically detecting the surface and sending power to the wheels accordingly. Initially, when the car went into the slush pit, the SUV was unable to move forward after a point. It was because the traction control was turned on. This system detects wheelspin and cuts power, which is actually not suitable when off-roading. The vlogger drives the car out and then attempts to drive in after turning off the traction control.

YouTuber tests Toyota Hyryder AWD & Maruti Suzuki Jimny 4×4 in slush [Video]
Jimny vs Toyota Hyryder in slush

In the video, the YouTuber can be heard saying that after the traction control was turned off, the car’s character changed completely, and it became more suitable for off-roading. He was actually surprised by the way the Hyryder was performing in the slush. He drove through the deeper section of the slush pit, and the SUV was handling it in an impressive manner. He even asked the Jimny owner why he bought the SUV when he could have done the same thing without compromising on comfort.

After driving the Hyryder, the vlogger got into the Jimny. He initially drove the car in 2WD mode. The Jimny is an extremely lightweight SUV and drove through the slush in 2WD without any issues. Only after crossing the majority of the pit, the SUV got stuck at one point. That is where he engaged 4H, and the SUV drove out effortlessly. He turned off the traction control in the Jimny too for better performance. The SUV was actually crawling out of the slushy part without any issues. The vlogger was happy with the overall performance of both the SUVs. He says that the AWD is controlled electronically and it is not suitable for extreme off-roading. The Jimny is suitable for those who really want to explore the off-road sections. In short, if you are looking for a comfortable SUV that can handle a little bit of off-roading, then the Hyryder is a good option. Otherwise, the Jimny is the one to go for.

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