YouTuber throws wads of cash from moving Maruti Baleno; Arrested and car seized

In a bizarre incident, the Haryana Police arrested a YouTuber and his friend for throwing fake currency notes on the road while driving. A video of the incident has gone viral on the internet, showing YouTuber Joravar Singh Kalsi and his friend Lucky Kamboj creating a ruckus on the road by throwing fake currency notes from a moving movie car. The Haryana Police have taken both YouTubers into custody for rash driving and endangering the lives of others.

The viral video was initially uploaded on the Kalsi YouTube channel. In the video, Kalsi is seen driving a white Maruti Suzuki Baleno, and Kamboj is seen sitting in the open boot compartment, throwing currency notes on the underpass at DLF Golf Course Road in Gurugram.

The entire incident recorded by Kalsi and Kamboj appears to be inspired by a scene from a recently-released web series, which both have admitted in front of the police. At the time when the video was available on YouTube, it was garnering a lot of attention, with many people condemning the reckless driving behaviour of the YouTubers.

YouTuber throws wads of cash from moving Maruti Baleno; Arrested and car seized

The video also caught the attention of the Gurugram Police. Based on the video as evidence, the police arrested Kalsi and Kamboj for dangerous driving on public roads and endangering the lives of others. The police have also said that all the currency notes thrown on the road, as seen in the video, were fake, just like how it was shown in the web series. The video was later deleted by Kalsi, however, the damage was already done, and the video had already gone viral.

Both arrested

According to Vikas Kaushik, Additional Commissioner of Police, DLF Gurugram, both the YouTubers have been arrested, and a case has been registered against them under IPC sections. The sections in the FIR against both of them are bailable. However, Kaushik has said that action had to be taken against both of them to set an example so that more people will not be encouraged to perform such antics.

Nowadays, it has become a trend among youngsters to perform dangerous stunts and foolish acts to attain short-lived fame on social media channels. We urge our readers to drive safely and not promote such life-risking stunts.

Viral reels used as evidence

Most cities are now using a network of CCTV cameras to track down violators and criminals. Such videos are used against them for issuing challans and making arrest. The cops also keep a close eye on the social media networks to catch the violators and crimminals.

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