Youtuber tries to destroy brand-new Mahindra Thar in a ‘durability test’ [Video]

mahindra thar durability test featured

Rich YouTubers destroying cars in the name of durability test has finally reached India. While there are several videos from Russia and the famous G-Wagen durability test video that came last year on the Internet, this one was done in India by Indian Hacker and he chose the Mahindra Thar for the test.

The YouTuber and his team bought the new Mahindra Thar for the test. They start the test of the Thar forcefully closing and opening the door. Then they forcefully fold and refold the seats and adjust the steering wheel. They also test the hand brake.

After the initial round of tests, they drive the car around on an extreme terrain at a high speed. They made the Thar jump several times and caused the front right tyre to burst. The Thar landed on its nose, which caused the tyre to burst.

Youtuber tries to destroy brand-new Mahindra Thar in a ‘durability test’ [Video]

They replaced the tyre and then continued driving the Thar in an extreme manner. The team made the Thar jump over a ramp several times. After several such jumps, the radiator of the vehicle gave away and it started to leak. But the leak happened after several times.

The vehicle was repaired at a Mahindra Thar service centre. They replaced the radiator and brought it back to do more “durability tests”. The team also used a big stone to scratch the body of the Mahindra Thar to test its paint quality.

In the end, they take the Thar to a pond and let it sink. We can see that there is water inside the cabin of the vehicle. They called a backhoe to rescue the Thar and tried starting it. It is likely that the engine seized.

Durability test?

It is more like an abuse done to the vehicle instead of a durability test. All the manufacturers do durability test of their vehicles in-house that mimics driving on different terrains for thousands of kilometres. But people doing such kinds of tests do no justice to the vehicle.

No vehicle can survive such a durability test. It is simply abusing the vehicle to gain social media views and likes. In the real world, no vehicle, not even army vehicles go through such kind of extremes. Durability tests are done to check how the suspension and other parts of the vehicle hold up after thousands of kilometres of driving.