Watch Yuvraj Singh poking fun at Shubman Gill’s Range Rover driving skills [Video]

It was cricketer Shubman Gill’s birthday yesterday, and many cricketers and his fans wished him on social media platforms. However, what caught our attention was legendary all-rounder Yuvraj Singh’s birthday wish for Shubman Gill on his social media account. While wishing Shubman on his birthday on Facebook, Yuvraj Singh attached a video in which he is seen making fun of Shubman’s driving skills.

In the video, Shubman Gill is seen driving his Range Rover Velar. The video starts with a scene in which Shubman is driving his Range Rover Velar away from the camera, which then points towards Yuvraj Singh, who is standing outside his home in Mohali.

Yuvraj then explains that instead of turning his SUV back and forth, Shubman goes to another lane and takes a U-turn, only to come back towards him. While saying this, Yuvraj makes fun of this moment, sarcastically saying that he has ‘great’ driving skills.

Watch Yuvraj Singh poking fun at Shubman Gill’s Range Rover driving skills [Video]

When Shubman returns to Yuvraj Singh after taking a U-turn from another lane, Yuvraj requests him to see towards the camera and explain this move executed by him. Shubman then says that he drove the vehicle back to Yuvraj Singh taking not much time.

Shubman Gill owns Range Rover Velar

Watch Yuvraj Singh poking fun at Shubman Gill’s Range Rover driving skills [Video]

The Land Rover Range Rover Velar that Shubman is driving belongs to him. He bought the SUV last year when the updated 2021 model range came out. The on-road price of the Velar is around Rs 1 crore. In India, Land Rover only offers the R-Dynamic S trim level.

The Velar gets powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine with a mild hybrid. It generates a maximum power of 204 PS and peak torque of 430 Nm. The petrol variants get powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged unit that generates a maximum power of 250 PS. Both engine options offer an 8-speed automatic transmission.

It is a luxurious SUV with Jaguar Land Rover’s latest Pivi Pro infotainment system, 360-degree camera, and an active road noise cancellation system.

Shubman Gill’s family also took the delivery of a brand-new Mahindra Thar last year.

Starting his career as an Under-19 player in Cricket, Shubman Gill rose to fame in the domestic circuits and IPL, before making it big on the international level. The young lad bought this Range Rover Velar as his first car, soon after gaining fame in the IPL. The cricketer was also awarded a Mahindra Thar, along with four other cricketers, by Anand Mahindra, for his excellent performance on the tour of Australia in 2020-21.

Yuvraj Singh also owns a slew of luxury cars

Watch Yuvraj Singh poking fun at Shubman Gill’s Range Rover driving skills [Video]

Yuvraj Singh, on the other hand, has one of the most envious car collections among all the cricketers of India. He recently took the delivery of the BMW X7. He owns a slew of performance and luxury cars like Bentley Continental GT, BMW X6M, Lamborghini Murcielago, Mini Countryman S, BMW M3 Convertible, BMW M5 and Audi Q5. Recently, he also acquired a blue-coloured BMW X7, which is the flagship SUV from BMW.

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