Zepto CEO Aadit Palicha replies to Anand Mahindra over 10-min delivery times

In the past few months, accidents were surfacing on the internet that involves delivery guys. The delivery guys usually have to deliver the items in a short span of time. Anand Mahindra retweeted and added a quote to  Tata Memorial director Pramesh CS’s tweet that was about how inhuman is the 10 minute delivery time.

Pramesh CS’s tweet said, “I don’t care how many trolls I get with this tweet, but the 10 minute delivery for grocery is just inhuman to the delivery person. Just stop it! Customers can live with a 2 or even a 6 hour delivery time. ” He also tagged Swiggy and Uber Eats. To this, Anand Mahindra simply said “I agree”

Aadit Palicha, CEO of Zepto Now saw Anand Mahindra’s tweet, he decided to share his point of view because he is working in the same industry. Zepto Now is a grocery delivery application. Aadit said that 10 minute delivery time is about short distances and not delivering by riding at high speeds. The average distance of Zepto’s delivery is 1.8 km which will take 10 minutes to cover if the rider goes at a speed of around 15 kmph. Because of this, Zepto has around 3 times lower accident rates on average compared to a regular biker on the road. After reading Aadit’s tweet, Anand Mahindra said that it is only fair to hear another point of view.

Zomato’s CEO, Deepinder Goyal announced Zomato Instant and it faced backlash on the internet. Because of this, Deepinder had to clear that Zomato Instant would not endanger the drivers’ lives. They will do this by not mentioning to drivers what their expected delivery time is.

Zomato delivery guys upgraded to motorcycle

Recently, a heartwarming social media post went viral when a Zomato delivery boy upgraded from a cycle to a Hero Splendor. Indian summers can be cruel and in such scorching heat, delivering something can be a daunting task. A Zomato delivery boy used a cycle to make deliveries. A Twitter campaign helped him replace his cycle with a new motorcycle.

The campaign was started by Aditya Sharma, who is a resident of Rajasthan. He ordered something from Zomato and was heartbroken when the delivery guy came on a cycle in the scorching heat of 42 degrees in Rajasthan. The name of the delivery guy is Durga Meena.

He asked the Durga how does he manage to ride a bicycle through such weather. Durga simply replied that he has been riding bicycles for many years and now there is no problem. But still, Aditya wanted to help him and asked if he wanted a motorcycle.

The delivery guy said that he does not have money to buy a motorcycle. Aditya took the picture of the delivery guy and posted it on Twitter and soon enough donations started coming in. The picture went viral over the internet and people wanted to help the delivery guy.

Durga received more than Rs 75,000 within 24 hours of the tweet. He has bought a Hero Splendor. However, Durga also said that he earns only Rs. 10,000 per month and with increasing fuel prices, it can be a bit difficult in maintaining motorcycles.

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