2020 Hyundai Creta Converted Into To 2024 Model: Good Job!

2020 Hyundai Creta conversion into 2024 model

Hyundai launched the 2024 Creta in the Indian market in January 2024. This was the facelift of the second generation Creta, which was launched in 2020. Creta 2024 comes with numerous changes both in the interior and exterior, but the overall silhouette remains the same. Talking about the changes, the entire interior is new and cosmetic changes are done to the rear and front of the SUV. Today, we will cover an aftermarket conversion job of 2020 Creta into 2024 Creta.

The video is uploaded by Her Garage on YouTube to showcase the work. Please note that the project is being carried out by someone else. The video shows a white coloured 2020 Creta which is being upgraded to the 2024 iteration of the SUV.

The host starts with the changes done to the front profile of the SUV. The entire front profile has been changed including bumper and the bonnet. The car has been fitted with the black chrome parametric grille along with the connected DRL.

Other additions include the 2024 Creta’s headlights, turn indicators and the gray skid plate. The fenders of the car are kept stock. The host mentions that to fit the new bumper in old Creta the tie member has to be changed. However, changing the tie member does not require any cutting or welding and it is just a nut bolt fitment.

2020 Hyundai Creta Converted Into To 2024 Model: Good Job!

No changes are done to the side profile yet but the host mentions that the alloy wheels of the car will be upgraded soon. Multiple changes have been made to the rear as well. The tail gate, lights, spoiler and bumper have been upgraded. The host mentions that no cutting is needed in the rear as well. All the parts in the rear are direct fitment. Rear windshield along with rear wiper, washer and defogger has to be changed as well.

It is mentioned at multiple times that all the parts used in the conversion are new and Hyundai genuine. However, all the parts have to be painted as they come with the base coat only. The host also talks about the completion time of the project; they mention that it will take at least 4 to 5 days for the conversion job.

The video does not show the completed version of the car. The interior of this car is not upgraded to the newer version and the host does not mention about the possibility of the same.

Now, the main question is how much will it cost to upgrade an old 2020 Creta to a new 2024 Creta? As this was the first ever old to new conversion and it is still not completed, the exact cost is not known, but the video mentions an approximate figure of Rs. 2 lakhs for the entire job.

This amount may seem very high to some people, but we have to consider that all the parts used are Hyundai genuine and totally brand new. Whenever you are getting such modifications done, it is always suggested that you be cautious about the quality of products and the fit and finish.