Delhi’s new “Gold Man” arrested after his video burning police barricade went viral

delhi gold man isuzu owner busted

Many people doubted whether the recently viral “Gold Man” would be caught or not. However, ending these doubts, Delhi police have nabbed this “Gold Man.” The man with the chrome gold Isuzu V-Cross and heavy gold jewelry was caught after he burnt a police barricade for a viral video. In this most recent video, he was seen setting a police barricade on fire just to make a stupid Instagram reel to become famous.

Delhi’s “Gold Man” arrested

The report of this new “Gold Man” getting arrested by Delhi police has been shared on X by Privesh Pandey on their page. He shared the picture of this man standing in front of his chrome gold Isuzu V-Cross pickup truck. In this picture, he was seen without his heavy gold jewelry, and along with him, the officers who caught him were also seen.

For those who may not have known, this man, whose details have not been revealed, was recently caught for sharing reckless videos. In the most recent video which he shared in an attempt to gain quick popularity on social media, he was seen burning a police barricade.

He ignited the barricade and then threw some fuel on it to intensify the fire. This video then quickly went viral, and he was then arrested for reckless behavior. After this, he walked in front of his chrome gold Isuzu V-Cross pickup truck and the barricade.

The post was shared with dialogues in which it was mentioned that a girl asks him if he fears anyone or not. The reply in the video said that he is not afraid of anyone because he is “Jaat.” It has been reported that this man was caught by Paschim Vihar police.

Previous video

As for the previous video shared by this wannabe influencer, he was seen causing chaos on a flyover. The video he shared was shot on Paschim Vihar flyover where he abruptly stopped his Isuzu V-Cross pickup truck. In the video shared, it was noted that there was a lot of traffic on the flyover.

Despite this, the owner of the V-Cross abruptly stopped his pickup truck on the road. And people driving behind him were forced to step on the brakes to avoid collision. It was then seen that the owner of the pickup truck who was wearing heavy gold jewelry came out of the driver-side door.

He was followed by another man who came out of the passenger-side door. Both of them then stood right in front of the chrome gold Isuzu V-Cross and posed for the video. The worst part about this video was all of the people behind this man’s car were helplessly waiting on the flyover.

Unfortunately, this video did not end here. The same video then showed this man driving his pickup truck extremely recklessly on Delhi roads. He was also seen driving with his door open where he was flaunting his gold jewelry and his newly wrapped car. Like his newest video, this video also received a lot of criticism on the internet.