Maruti Omni and Tata Nano vs Toyota Fortuner and Safari in an off-road video

Off-roading has recently gained popularity among SUV owners in India. Not every 4×4 owner takes their SUV off-road; only a small portion loves to explore their vehicle’s capabilities. There are even videos showing people who own 2WD SUVs and crossovers driving off-road. Getting stuck is just part of the experience, and even a highly capable 4×4 SUV can get stuck in tricky terrains. We’ve come across several off-road SUV videos online. Here, we have a video featuring a hatchback and a van competing with 4×4 SUVs in an off-road uphill challenge. The video showcases Maruti Omni and a Tata Nano competing with Tata Safari and Toyota Fortuner.

The video is short, depicting a Toyota Fortuner attempting to climb a steep off-road section. This obstacle isn’t particularly tough, but the uneven surface adds a slight challenge. The first vehicle in the challenge is a Toyota Fortuner. The Type 2 Fortuner 4×4 SUV effortlessly climbs the slope. Following that, an older generation Tata Safari Dicor appears in the video. It’s unclear whether both the Fortuner and Dicor engaged 4×4. Judging by their performance, it doesn’t seem like the drivers had engaged 4×4.

Both SUVs experienced a bit of wheel spin just before climbing. The Tata Safari Dicor also ascended the slope without significant issues, looking more composed compared to the Fortuner. Both SUVs performed well and reached the top. The Maruti Omni is the next vehicle to attempt the climb. This small van ascends the slope with ease, although it struggles a bit towards the top. Nonetheless, it manages to reach the summit. The Tata Nano follows, and even this small hatchback conquers the steep section.

Maruti Omni and Tata Nano vs Toyota Fortuner and Safari in an off-road video
Omni & Nano off-roading

All four vehicles successfully climbed without much drama. Although not a competition, a common feature among these vehicles is notable. All of them are rear-wheel-drive (RWD) cars. Both the Fortuner and Safari were RWD SUVs. The Maruti Omni, which was widely used as a school van and had various roles over its lifetime, is also an RWD van. Lastly, the Nano is also an RWD hatchback. This is likely the reason why all four cars managed the steep slope without issues.

RWD vehicles often have a slight advantage compared to front-wheel-drive ones. RWD cars are generally easier to maneuver on various terrains like this. However, it’s important to note that this obstacle wasn’t particularly challenging. If the terrain had been more demanding, the Tata Nano and Omni might have struggled. If you’re planning to take your vehicle off-road, it’s advisable to go in groups with backup vehicles, ensuring you can recover any stuck vehicle. Additionally, carry recovery equipment for assistance. It should be noted that we do not recommend taking 2WD cars off-road as the chances of it getting stuck or breaking down are pretty high. Especially in this case, both Tata Nano and Maruti Omni do not have enough ground clearance to actually drive over the obstacles. There are even cases where inexperienced drives have managed to get capable 4×4 SUVs stuck in tricky terrains.