Modified Mitsubishi Lancer Sedan With Air Suspension Looks Stunning [Video]

Mitsubishi Lancer was a popular car among enthusiasts. This was one of those models that made Mitsubishi popular among Indian customers. This sedan is not available in the market anymore and we all know the reason why. It is still a very popular car in the modification circle. There are several examples of neatly modified Lancer sedans from different parts of the country. Finding a stock Lancer is very difficult these days. Here we have video of a modified Lancer from Kerala which gets a bright yellow shade, air suspension and many more modifications.

The video has been uploaded by Prejimon Pradeep on his YouTube channel. The video claims that this is India’s first bagged Mitsubishi Lancer. In this video, the vlogger speaks to the owner of this vehicle to know more about the modifications done to this vehicle. The owner says that he bought the car in 2016. Ever since he bought it, he has been making minor and major modifications to it. The owner is a fan of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and that is what inspired the modifications on this car mostly. The car runs on 17 inch aftermarket wheels that fit perfectly. The wheels were suggested to him by one of his friend who owns a shop.

When the owner bought this sedan, the original colour was black. He repainted the car recently to give it a different look. The owner feels that black colour is too common on cars these days and that is what made him repaint the car in yellow shade. Talking about the exterior changes, the car gets a custom built front grille and bumper. The grille and the bumper were all built at his friend’s garage. The bumper comes with a wider lower air dam with a lower lip finished in gloss black. There are custom side skirts too. The car come with a custom built skirting on the rear bumper. The rear bumper of the car however remains stock. Another addition to this car at the rear is the large spoiler that is similar to the one seen on Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.

Modified Mitsubishi Lancer Sedan With Air Suspension Looks Stunning [Video]
Lancer modified

The 17 inch wheel on the car are not extremely wide and the car gets low profile tyre too. This enhances the overall look of the car. One of the biggest attraction on this car is the suspension. The stock suspension of this car has been replaced with an air suspension. The tanks and the compressor that control the air suspension on this car are placed in the boot of this sedan. The height of this suspension can be adjusted using buttons that are placed under the driver armrest of this sedan. The car also gets a straight pipe exhaust. We already know that modifications are illegal in India. The video mentions that the car is not used on public roads. This is a project car and is only used for exhibitions and auto shows in colleges. We have seen several examples of modified Lancer sedans and this is probably one of the cleanest looking sedan.