10 Reasons Why You Are Losing Fuel Efficiency

10 Reasons Why You Are Losing Fuel Efficiency

Getting low mileage per litre of fuel? These are the reasons why it happens.

Hard acceleration

Hard acceleration, to enjoy the power of the car will lead to low fuel efficiency. You also may accelerate hard to pass through gaps in traffic ahead, or overtake. Low mileage is the result!

Hard braking

In the same way, braking hard to stop, and braking often also wastes a lot of energy.   You may be hard-braking a lot due to bad driving habits or bad traffic. Slow, smooth braking (whether manual or AT car) is the key to high mileage.

Heavy traffic

Some cities and towns have bad traffic where you are constantly driving in first, second or third gear instead of the 4th, 5th or gears. Every higher gear costs you mileage.

Vehicle load / extra weight

Every bit of weight adds up. An extra person in the car? Something heavy in the boot? Some equipment that you don't need? Even your laptop costs a little and costs you a little bit of mileage!

Road altitude

The higher up you go, the thinner the air - and this too has an effect on fuel efficiency. People who live and drive in hilly or moutain regions will often get lower fuel efficiency than those at sea level.

Fuel Quality

This is a big one. Bad quality fuel and fuel adulteration are big reasons. Find the fuel stations near you which have a reputation for good fuel quality. And don't forget fuel pump scams!

Road Conditions

Bad roads costs you mileage. Every speedbreaker makes you brake and lose momentum, and fuel efficiency. Every pothole does the same. They both result in lots of braking and acceleration instead of smooth speeds.

Short trips

In a short trip, your car's engine has not properly warmed up. An engine takes time to warm up. In short trips, your car's engine is working less than efficiently. Result? Low mileage.

Idling the engine

We all start the car, and sit and wait for someone to join you. We wait outside shops while idling the engine, at traffic lights, waiting outside kids' schools. All of this reduces your fuel efficiency.

Other reasons for low fuel efficiency

Bad maintenance, high speeds, power hungry car accessories such as heated seats and even weather conditions can affect your mileage.