Bought Audi A8 cheap, but 1st year maintenance costs Rs 7.5 lakh: Owner shares experience [Video]

At some point, you may have been intrigued by the availability of a used flagship luxury sedan, such as an Audi A8, for the price of a new sub-compact SUV in the Indian car market. Typically, a ten-year-old Audi A8 is available in the price range of Rs 8-12 lakh. While this may seem like an attractive deal initially, there is more to the story than meets the eye, as detailed in a YouTube video by “That Beamer Guy.”

The presenter of the video provides a comprehensive account of all the costs and expenses he incurred during a year of owning a ten-year-old Audi A8, which he purchased from the used car market. Generally, an older luxury car on sale in the used car market requires extensive maintenance costs, which is one reason why it is available at such affordable prices. The Audi A8 owner explains all the parts he replaced and repaired and provides an in-depth analysis of the maintenance and running costs of the A8.

After buying the Audi A8, the presenter thoroughly refurbished the car with all the necessary component replacements and servicing tasks. The first service of the car, which included engine oil and air filter replacement, cost him Rs 40,000. The owner also replaced other critical powertrain components, such as the water pump (Rs 15,000) and drive belt (Rs 6,500). The transmission service of the Audi A8 cost him Rs 30,000. Additionally, he replaced other vital components in this old Audi A8, such as the front and rear brake pads (Rs 25,000), four used tires (Rs 20,000), an instrument console (Rs 30,000), and an AC compressor (Rs 55,000).

Bought Audi A8 cheap, but 1st year maintenance costs Rs 7.5 lakh: Owner shares experience [Video]

The presenter of the video also gave the steering system of this Audi A8 a complete overhaul. The changes include a new power steering pump (Rs 65,000), repairing the old power steering pump (Rs 15,000), using power steering oil (Rs 15,000), new right and left front knuckle hub spindle (Rs 60,000), double replacement of control arm bushes (Rs 42,000), new steering tie rod end (Rs 18,000), new link rod (Rs 8,500), and sway bar bushes (Rs 9,500).

Repair costs

The owner of the Audi A8 also describes how much he spent repairing and adding new components to the car’s suspension setup. The changes here include front air suspension shockers (Rs 90,000), left front air suspension pipe (Rs 5,000), and rear right air suspension shocker (Rs 55,000). He also gave the interior of this car a slight makeover with a refurbished headliner (Rs 25,000) and a steering wheel leather replacement (Rs 5,000).

In the second scheduled service, the owner of the Audi A8 spent Rs 25,000 for the general service, Rs 60,000 for a set of four new tires, and Rs 20,000 for a set of used alloys. The last (third) service in his one year of ownership, in which he drove 35,000 km, cost him another Rs 25,000.

Taking all the expenses into account, the owner of the Audi A8 spent Rs 7,64,500 on maintenance and essential repairing costs. With this, the Audi A8 cost him Rs 22-23/km of maintenance and restoration costs for the entire year. Considering the average cost of fuel at Rs 90/liter and an average fuel economy of 10 kmpl, the total fuel cost of the A8 was Rs 3,15,000. Including the fuel expenses, the total running cost of the Audi A8 for a full year was Rs. 10.79 lakh.

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