2 Day Old Tata Safari Facelift Dismantled After Smoke Comes From Roof: Owner Narrates Ordeal [Video]

2 day old tata safari dismantled

Buying a car is one of the most momentous occasions for any person in this world, especially in India. People spend a lot of time researching for their perfect cars and pay with their hard-earned money. However, what if the car they purchased two days ago is sitting completely dismantled in the service center? What would that person feel? Devastated, right? Exactly, and unfortunately, this is what recently happened to a buyer of a brand-new Tata Safari facelift Dark Edition worth Rs 33 lakh. The owner has shared his story that just days after taking delivery of his car, he found that his car suffered from an electrical short circuit, and the lights of his car were not working, and smoke was coming out of the roofliner.

Brand-new Safari Dark Edition dismantled after 2-days of delivery

The story of this 2-day-old Tata Safari facelift Dark Edition getting dismantled has been shared on Team BHP’s forum and on YouTube via two videos uploaded by Laxminarayana Sabbani. The owner of the car has shared that he bought this Safari facelift Dark Edition on 31st January this year, and on 2nd February, his car was at the dealership with a completely dismantled interior. In his post, he mentioned that this SUV was bought from Select Cars, Chandanagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, and the variant is Safari Dark Edition Accomplished+ AT.

2 Day Old Tata Safari Facelift Dismantled After Smoke Comes From Roof: Owner Narrates Ordeal [Video]

The owner of this particular car narrated that prior to the delivery of the vehicle, he asked the dealership agent multiple times if the car in India was in good condition or not. He then stated that he also checked before taking the delivery as well and found some minor scratches and dust. However, he went ahead and paid the full amount and still expected that some issues might come along the way. He added, “We expected some small issues were bound to happen and made peace with it, but we never expected to get a shock literally.”

What issues did the car have?

Following this, the owner of the car stated after going home they started trying out all the features of their new car. However, an unsettling audio glitch was first encountered. Despite the attempts to troubleshoot by muting and unmuting, adjusting the volume, and even restarting the car, the audio remained stubbornly silent, stated the owner in his post. He then mentions that it was only after powering down the vehicle, stepping away for a while, and returning that the audio finally sprang to life, leaving him puzzled.

Next up, the owner stated that adding to his frustration, he discovered that the ambient or mood lights were also malfunctioning. He elaborated that despite the dealer agent’s efforts to remedy the situation with various troubleshooting methods, including software resets and even a hard boot by disconnecting the battery, the lights remained unresponsive. Their insistence that it was a software issue provided little comfort, especially as he started to doubt the condition of the car’s hardware.

2 Day Old Tata Safari Facelift Dismantled After Smoke Comes From Roof: Owner Narrates Ordeal [Video]

However, following this discovery of this above issue, the situation escalated dramatically when, on the third day, a visit to the service center revealed a lot more serious problem. The owner stated that the car suffered from an electrical short-circuiting that had rendered not only the ambient lights but also essential components like the brake lights and parking lights inoperable. He stated that there was also smoke coming from the roof which left him deeply concerned and feeling deceived by the dealership.

What is going on?

The owner of the car has revealed that he is being duped by Select Cars Chandanagar, Hyderabad branch managers and team. So he is ready to take legal action and seek justice through the consumer court. However, at the moment, whether his issues have been resolved or not has been shared online. Also if the case against the dealership has been filed or not has not been revealed as well.