Goons In BMW Who Threatened Family Arrested, Car Seized [Video]

Goons in BMW arrested

Yesterday, we shared a video of a road rage incident where a few goons in a BMW attacked family members in a Maruti Baleno. Now, thanks to Uttar Pradesh police, these culprits have been arrested. Along with their arrest, the BMW 3-Series in which they were chasing the Baleno has also been seized. The video of these men sitting in front of their BMW along with police officers has been shared online.

This video comes courtesy of Prateek Singh from YouTube. In the short clip, two of the accused men were made to sit in front of the BMW that was involved in a road rage incident. In total, there were four men who were involved in this incident. However, the police have managed to arrest only two of them.

What happened?

For those who may not be aware, yesterday a video went viral on the internet. In the video, these above-arrested men in the grey-colored BMW 3-Series that has now been seized by the Police were involved in a road rage incident. A group of four men started chasing a family traveling in a Maruti Suzuki Baleno on the streets of Greater Noida.

Goons In BMW Who Threatened Family Arrested, Car Seized [Video]

It all started when the Baleno was driving on the left lane of the road and this BMW was coming from the opposite side. The BMW was trying to overtake a vehicle and in the process, the right ORVMs of the Baleno and BMW collided. Not thinking much of it, the Baleno driver carried on normally.

The family in the Baleno was on their way to a hospital to meet the driver’s brother-in-law. However, on their way to the hospital, these goons in the BMW came back chasing them. They first brought their vehicle on the side of the Baleno and then said something to the driver. Following this, they stopped the vehicle in front and blocked the road.

Goons In BMW Who Threatened Family Arrested, Car Seized [Video]

Soon after this, three men came out of the BMW, and this is when the Baleno driver quickly reversed and drove away. The Baleno driver, instead of going towards the hospital, started driving at high speed to escape from these goons. However, these people started chasing them.

At one point, the BMW hit the Baleno in the rear. Following this, they once again came in front of the vehicle and stopped. This time around, these men directly started attacking the Baleno. Once again, the Baleno driver quickly reversed and got out of the situation. However, the chase continued.

Dashcam helped in this arrest

Goons In BMW Who Threatened Family Arrested, Car Seized [Video]

The one and only reason that these men were arrested so quickly was the installation of a dashcam in the Baleno. The entire incident was captured on the dashcam of the Baleno and when it was shared online, it spread like wildfire. Each and every news outlet shared this video.

This then prompted the Noida Police to take quick action in arresting the culprits. As we have stated on multiple occasions, during this day and age where people get into road rage for the smallest of problems, a dashcam is a must-have gadget. Each and every car should have a dashcam installed to provide proper evidence.