Book Hyundai Creta Diesel Automatic Today: Get Delivery in 2026

2024 hyundai creta diesel 2 year waiting period

Just six weeks after its launch, the refreshed Hyundai Creta has garnered a strong response from Indian car buyers, with over 75,000 bookings already secured. This surge in popularity has led to extended wait times, particularly for the diesel variants with some deliveries extending up to the year 2026.

Book Hyundai Creta Diesel Automatic Today: Get Delivery in 2026

According to Tarun Garg, COO of Hyundai India, bookings for the Creta facelift exhibit distinct trends. Notably, 90% of bookings favor the mid-spec and top-spec variants, highlighting a preference for enhanced features and safety equipment. Additionally, diesel engines remain a popular choice, with 43% of bookings opting for this powertrain.

However, this preference for diesel variants comes with a trade-off: extended wait times. Customers booking a Creta diesel today can expect delivery in approximately 24 weeks, with manual transmission options offering slightly shorter wait times compared to automatics. Conversely, naturally aspirated petrol variants boast the shortest waiting period of around 8 weeks, followed by the turbo-petrol trims.

Book Hyundai Creta Diesel Automatic Today: Get Delivery in 2026

Despite the extended wait times, the Creta continues to be a strong performer for Hyundai. The model witnessed a 12% year-on-year growth in February 2024, reaching its highest ever monthly sales figure in India with 15,276 units sold. This momentum is expected to continue with the upcoming launch of the Creta N Line on March 11th, which is projected to push sales beyond 16,000 units per month.

Hyundai acknowledges the high demand for the Creta, with 97,000 pending bookings currently in their system. The Creta itself contributes to almost half of this backlog, demonstrating its significant contribution to the brand’s sales.

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Book Hyundai Creta Diesel Automatic Today: Get Delivery in 2026
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To address this demand, Hyundai has increased its production capacity by 50,000 units per annum, reaching a total production capacity of 825,000 units annually in India. The company operates at nearly 95% capacity, with exports accounting for 20% of their production. Additionally, the recent acquisition of the Talegaon plant is expected to further increase capacity to 1 million units per year in the mid-term.

There are multiple reasons for this demand. Firstly, the Creta facelift offers a compelling value proposition. It boasts a refreshed design, improved features, and the latest safety technology. Secondly, the Creta continues to be offered with a diesel engine option which remains a popular choice for many due to its better fuel efficiency and strong torque.

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Diesel engines are much better to drive than petrol especially in highway driving. Furthermore, the Creta’s established reputation in the midsize SUV segment plays a crucial role. Launched in 2015, the Creta has consistently ranked among the top-selling SUVs in India, building brand loyalty and customer trust

The Hyundai Creta facelift has taken the Indian market by storm, generating high demand and extended wait times, particularly for the diesel variants. However, Hyundai’s production ramp-up and upcoming Creta N Line launch aim to address the demand, reduce wait times and further solidify the model’s position in the market.