Careless Auto Driver Brakes, Fast Truck Driver Barely Avoids Overturning

Truck overtaking auto rickshaw loses control

India is a country filled with idiots, and these idiots are responsible for a number of accidents that happen on roads. Recently, a video surfaced showing how an auto rickshaw driver nearly caused a truck to overturn on a road in Karnataka. Thanks to the alertness and skill of the truck driver, it did not roll over on the busy road.

What did the Auto Rickshaw Driver Do?

The heart-stopping video of this truck driver avoiding a complete overturn has been shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh. It starts with a seemingly normal single-lane road in Vijayapura, Karnataka. We note that there was normal traffic on the road, with a number of cars, scooters, and other vehicles passing.

A little further into the video, we can note that a small cargo auto driver was driving on the left side of the road. We can observe a truck approaching this auto rickshaw from the rear. Just when the truck driver was about to overtake the auto rickshaw, the auto driver brakes.

What Happened Next?

Careless Auto Driver Brakes, Fast Truck Driver Barely Avoids Overturning

The truck driver, surprised by the suddenly braking auto rickshaw had to swerve to the right abruptly to overtake. However, this was too abrupt for the fully-loaded truck which caused its rear end to tilt to its right first, and then when the truck driver compensated, to tilt almost out of control to its left. Blame inertia.

We can observe that the truck could have overturned at any point and crashed with a bus coming from the opposite side. However, with some stroke of luck and amazing driving skill, the truck driver managed to turn left and get back into the proper lane. But unfortunately, this time again there was a lot of inertia in the truck, and it was about to topple on the left side. This time, the truck’s rear was even seen struggling more to keep up with the front.

Careless Auto Driver Brakes, Fast Truck Driver Barely Avoids Overturning

Although, despite this nerve-wracking sequence, the truck driver managed to control the truck on time. This entire scary incident was caught by a rear dashcam of a car that was ahead of the truck and the auto.

Also, the alert car driver with the dashcam, noticed all this happening, that the truck was close to losing control and managed to stop safely by the side of the road. The car driver did this to avoid getting rear-ended by the uncontrolled truck.

Who Was at Fault?

In this particular and extremely dangerous situation, the fault lies on both the drivers of the auto rickshaw and the truck driver. The rickshaw driver did not check what was happening behind him, and so braked without noticing the fast-approaching truck. But on the other hand, he was sticking to the left-most of his lane, and not in the middle of the road.

The truck driver, on the other hand, should have approached the overtake more carefully. We all know that auto rickshaw drivers cannot often see behind them, and they have a reputation for suddenly braking and turning. The truck driver could have avoided the entire incident by honking from behind to get the attention of the auto driver, and then overtaken safely.

Careless Auto Driver Brakes, Fast Truck Driver Barely Avoids Overturning

The video shows how defensive driving can save us from a lot of situations. Here, neither the auto driver nor the truck driver were doing it – both felt confident doing things their own way, without expecting anything to go wrong. And that is something you just cannot do on Indian roads.