King Nisham - His Exotic Cars and Horrific Crimes

King Nisham – His Exotic Cars and Horrific Crimes

One man, many crimes, and almost all these crimes have been committed in high end cars. From supercars to super luxury cars, to even a super SUV, Mohammed Nisham owns a lot of exotics. He’s a Beedi tycoon, who calls himself “King Nisham”, and is known to literally run into vehicles that don’t give him the right of way on the road.  This man has used his exotic cars in a twisted way, for a bunch of offences, some of them very, very serious. For instance, this man locked up a lady cop in a luxury car. Yes, that’s right, A lady cop locked up. And he’s currently in jail for a crime that’s much more grislier. Today, we’ll take a look at this serial offender’s cars and the chilling crimes he’s committed with them.

Nisham’s 9 year old son driving a Range Rover Evoque…

Mohammed Nisham's Range Rover Evoque & Mercedes Benz S-Class

[Image courtesy NewIndianExpress]

Among the range of cars and SUVs that Mohammed Nisham owns, the Range Rover Evoque is perhaps the least priced of the lot. The luxury SUV is extremely powerful, and in the wrong hands, can kill. Yet Nisham lets his 9 year old son drive the powerful SUV, and goes on to say that his son is a careful driven who has driven cars such as the Porsche 911 and the Bentley Continental.



How a 9 year old boy managed to drive a Ferrari…

Mohammed Nisham with his Ferrari F430

Mohammed Nisham has two school going kids and the eldest one (aged 9) got behind the wheel of a Ferrari, with his younger brother (aged 5) riding shotgun. The two were seen driving the Ferrari F430 supercar in the Sobha City apartment complex at Thrissur, a city in Kerala. This got Mohammed Nisham arrested. Nisham’s wife Amal, was seen beaming to television cameras, gushing about how proud she was about her little son driving about in the Ferrari, a car that’s capable of doing speeds of over 300 Kph.

Nisham’s Lamborghini Gallardo and the nuisance caused…

Mohammed Nisham and his Lamborghini Gallardo

Residents of Bangalore’s tony Vittal Mallya road had many sleepless nights. The reason? Mohammed Nisham, and his Lamborghini Gallardo. Nisham used to drive the car at high speeds on the deserted streets around his Vittal Mallya road apartment, causing disturbance to neighbours. A senior IT professional, who lived nearby, complained to the guards of UB City, the mall where Nisham used to park his car. Nisham tried to run the IT professional over, and even fished out a gun to threaten him. The Bangalore police have now seized the supercar.

The Rolls Royce and how a lady cop was held hostage in this super luxury car

Mohammed Nisham with his Rolls Royce

[Image courtesy NewIndianExpress]

Mohammed Nisham was caught for driving his brand new Rolls Royce Ghost under the influence of alcohol. After being stopped by the cops, Nisham began arguing with them, saying that the police station’s parking doesn’t befit a Rolls Royce’s status. In an attempt to retrieve the keys of the car, a lady sub-inspector entered the car. Mohammed Nisham, who was outside the car by then, promptly locked the woman cop inside the car, wrongfully confining her.

The Hummer H2 and how a security guard was brutally murdered…

Mohammed Nisham Hummer

The most gruesome act committed by Mohammed Nisham is when he allegedly pinned an apartment security guard to the wall using his Hummer SUV. A drunk Nisham is said to have flown into a rage after the security guard took a while to open the apartment’s gate sometime past midnight. Nisham is accused of repeatedly ramming his Hummer against the security guard, Chandrabose, who was stuck between the SUV and a wall. Chandrabose succumbed to his injuries. Mohammed Nisham is currently in jail, accused of murdering the security guard.