Mahindra Xylo questions, comments and feedback from our readers

And this is the third in the series of readers’ comments as posts. I have already explained why I prefer to publish them as posts, so won’t go into that again.

Mahindra Xylo questions, comments and feedback from our readers
Mahindra Xylo photo

The Mahindra Xylo, obviously, was one of our most popular stories so far in 2009. The vehicle which I had developed an instant dislike for because of its shape is selling amazingly well. Mahindra knows a thing or two about the Indian market for sure. But then there is a reason why they are selling the Xylo like hotcakes and I am running an auto site! Here is our original article about the Mahindra Xylo, and then a photo gallery.

Anyway, now the Xylo is doing so well in the Indian market that Anand Mahindra feels confident predicting the auto industry itself woud turn around in a couple of months. Not just the Xylo, most ocmpanies have had better sales in 2009 than 2008 – and the turnaround may be happening. Anyway forget all that.

If any Mahindra guys are around, perhaps you could join in the conversation here and answer the questions people have about the Xylo. Good for you, good for me, good for the readers.

Mahindra Xylo user comments, feedback and questions.

mazhar khan
Submitted on 2009/01/16 at 12:59pm
xylo, it look beatiful pls send me full details

R Ram Pradyumna
Submitted on 2009/01/16 at 5:49pm
Well…a perfect family car…best one among the year..the only problem is in its look…Its looks like Toyota Innova from side view…a huge body and irregular shape..If Xylo would overcome that one it would be a fantastic and fabulous car till now from which i have seen…

Submitted on 2009/01/16 at 9:05pm
side looks n rear looks are very good but front grill is soooooooo boring .. but mahindra did a good job keep it up

Mohan kumar
Submitted on 2009/01/17 at 5:59am

Mahindra has to change its Grill design. You have to go for more good looking design. This is very old looking
design and it is high time to look for more better design.

Priyesh wakhare
Submitted on 2009/01/17 at 6:48am
Verry nice car
Ye car nahi hahaCar hai

Submitted on 2009/01/17 at 7:10am
I think its a nice car for having sex…

Submitted on 2009/01/17 at 8:11am
I saw your site am interest to buy this vehicle can u send me the tel no.s from kerala showroom.

Submitted on 2009/01/18 at 5:55am
it looks like sonalika rhino now make out is it a compliment or a comment but scorpio looks much bertter……

Submitted on 2009/01/18 at 7:50am
i liked this car very nice good car

Submitted on 2009/01/18 at 4:51pm
i think XYLO will definately beat all the INNOVAs , tavera
n all the Sedans
comparing with Innvoa this gives lot more features at 2 lac cheaper then Toyota
we all know the build quality of tavera so lets now keep this as a benchmark
i guess this vechiel will create its own niche segment n will wipe out Toyots n chevys from the market
mahindra u guys did it again
the looks are fantastic
the interiors seems to be awesome
overall this seems to be Shawshank redemption

Submitted on 2009/01/18 at 5:16pm
I am an old fan of Mahindra & Mahindra . I am an admirer of Mahindra policy of stability & sustainability . Mahindra vehicles are stayers, with fire, like Arabian horses. This is what Indian main stream market needs. Our family has been looking forward for this launch.

Submitted on 2009/01/18 at 8:09pm
sad looking car, i expected mahindra to come out with something exceptional atleast this time round, looking at the picture the CG seems a little to high placed, topling over at a high speed might just be something one needs to look out for. All in all, seems like the potter just decided to bake a cake

Submitted on 2009/01/19 at 5:56am
iwant to price detail in kerala

Abdul Rahman
Submitted on 2009/01/20 at 1:38pm
Very Nice a Car.I think same like that one Benze Jeep.

ajit singh
Submitted on 2009/01/22 at 6:04pm
kuch khas nahi hai yar… ho jayegi ye design…..

gaurav baruta
Submitted on 2009/01/23 at 10:15am
Best look & less price than inova&nice features with good price

Submitted on 2009/01/23 at 4:32pm
Good car for a joint family to enjoy together.

Submitted on 2009/01/23 at 4:34pm
Fantastic car for a perfect Joint family tour.

Submitted on 2009/02/05 at 4:22pm
i like it i love this car

Bharat Arun
Submitted on 2009/02/06 at 5:45am
Hi, This is Arun .i want to ask to my friends that Xylo is better than Bolero?

Submitted on 2009/02/08 at 3:09pm
hi,i hd been 2 the mysore showroom 4 a look of this car bt ws nt reachd yet,hopin 4 a beta perfomance decided 2 xchange on ma tavera,plz provide further details n interior pics….

Submitted on 2009/02/09 at 9:06pm
a fantastic designer wagon from a reputed Indian motor company.
I am a proud Indian

Submitted on 2009/02/11 at 10:02am
Very Good vehicle for family use….
Thank you Mahindra…

Submitted on 2009/02/18 at 8:27am
The shape of Xylo is look like as ashokchara lion. I am in Singapore & I like to buy the car for my India use.

Kamal Sen
Submitted on 2009/02/21 at 5:27am
Interior is very good But exterior i.e.look is not good. It seems like lifted from back side when running. Front side looks like compressed (sharp front). Price range is good and A.C. and Music system is also good.

Submitted on 2008/12/21 at 8:29pm
I am confident that the Mahindra Xylo will be a great surprise in performance,features and looks,. If the pic showed in the recent autocar magazine ,which in all probabilities is a photo shop job out of imagination of the artist based on the sight of camouflaged cars under testing, is so cool then the actual car will be far to good looking. I agree with Aamber that the sneak peaks on the xylo website suggests that the car will surely be far better compared to the Innova. . I m delaying my car buying decision for its launch.

Submitted on 2009/01/18 at 12:47pm
5 months ago i purchased scorpio m hawk. why didnt this model launched first….

Submitted on 2009/01/18 at 3:35pm
i have seen xylo and really liked this car, at this price car will surely give tough fight to innova and high end sedan cars
i am going for it, what @ u ?

Submitted on 2009/01/18 at 3:42pm
xylo is wow !!!

sarthak gupta
Submitted on 2009/01/22 at 3:42pm
mahindra scorpio was a nice product and a comfurtable car.warm wishes to mahindra .and i hope for the bright future of this car too. MAHINDRA XYLO

vinay varma
Submitted on 2009/01/26 at 9:30am
i like this car very much it is very good car i thaxs for the mahindra campuny to give us soo beautiful car

vivek agarwal
Submitted on 2009/01/31 at 7:12am
The International Motor Show held at the Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai had a star attraction; the Mahindra Xylo. And for the four days of the event (15th to 18th January, 2009), this car was clearly the showstopper. Those who attended will tell you that the Xylo stall was undoubtedly the most crowded one. And the various contests being promoted only increased the buzz. But most importantly, the audience was allowed to test drive the car right at the event – something that no other stall was offering. Scores of people were queuing up to experience firsthand what the Xylo had to offer. And by the end of four days, there were hundreds of bookings for the car. Needless to say, Xylo stole the show!

Submitted on 2009/02/16 at 10:55am
hey all the xylos lovers you all are absolutely right but who did not like xylo they do not know anything about cars or suv.

Karan Kumar
Submitted on 2009/02/18 at 4:18pm
Whats with all the Xylo’s showing up on Mumbai roads. Frankly speaking I really didn’t expect Xylo to sell so much. Nonetheless, good for Mahindra. Looks like the initial review about the looks didn’t quite affect Xylo.

aboobacker siddeeq
Submitted on 2009/02/18 at 10:57pm
im indian from kerala,now stay in jiddah saudi arabia,i want to mahinra xylo price list kerala state show room pls reply my request