Massive crocodile seen crossing road in Chennai after floods: Locals alerted [Video]

crocodile on road chennai

The unusual December cyclone Michaung has instigated intense rains in many eastern coastal regions. One of the hardest-hit cities is Chennai in Tamil Nadu, and the continuous rains have caused massive floods in the city. Recently, as a result of these floods, the entire ecosystem of the city has been flipped over, and a massive crocodile was seen crossing a road. This crocodile was seen moving across a single-lane road near Vellore Institute of Technology, and a video of this has been shared online.

Crocodile on the Street

The video of the crocodile has been shared online by The Hindu on their X (formerly Twitter) page. In the video, which has been recorded by a driver of a car, shows a massive crocodile crossing a road. The person started recording the video when the crocodile was in the middle of the road. It then started heading towards the bushes on the side of the road, and soon after this, the car driver also moved a little closer. A Swiggy delivery agent on his scooter was also seen slowly moving and checking out the crocodile as it was heading towards the side of the road.

As per the post, the people of the city have been advised not to venture to water bodies near VIT and Nedungundram Lake as this massive crocodile has been seen entering the area. The same video has also been shared on X by Supriya Sahu, IAS. She quoted, “Many are tweeting about this video. There are a few mugger crocodiles in several of the water bodies in Chennai. These are shy elusive animals and avoid human contact.”

Sahu added that, “This one has come out as the water has overflowed due to massive rains under the impact of #CycloneMichuang. Please do not go close to water bodies. There is no possibility of harm to humans IF these animals are left alone & UNPROVOKED. No need to panic. The wildlife division has been alerted, and they are on the job to avoid any untoward incident.”

Unusual Incidents

It is not very common to see wild animals like crocodiles and tigers roaming on the roads. However, as humans have ventured deep into the forest in order to build cities and habitats, these animals have been forced to encounter humans on multiple occasions. Back in December of 2022, another such incident was shared online where a massive tiger was seen crossing a road between a jungle. In this particular incident, a biker came very near to this big cat, and it started moving towards him.

The video of this incident showed that a car driver and his passengers were sitting inside a car when they saw a tiger crossing the road. They immediately stopped the vehicle. However, an unknown biker crossed the car and immediately saw the terrifying scene of the tiger crossing the road. The tiger, after noting the bike rider, started moving towards them. However, the biker immediately started reversing, and taking note of the situation, the car driver also moved his vehicle between the tiger and biker so that the biker can escape the situation. Had the biker in this case moved a little closer, the tiger would have attacked it.