Next-Gen Mahindra Bolero: What It Could Look Like [Video]

next gen mahindra bolero

When we hear the name Mahindra Automotive, the first car that jumps into everyone’s mind is the Scorpio. However, the company sells an equally popular SUV in the country, and it has been selling since 2000. We are talking about the Bolero. Over the years, Bolero has seen a number of generational changes, and people have been anticipating what the new Bolero could look like. Well, to answer this question, recently we came across a render that shows what the upcoming Mahindra Bolero could look like.

Next-generation Mahindra Bolero Rendering

The digital render of what could be the next generation Mahindra Bolero has been shared on YouTube by SRK Designs on their channel. The video rendering first shows the headlights of the new generation model, which we can note are a lot sleeker than the ones seen in the outgoing Bolero and Bolero NEO. It then slowly reveals individual parts of the Bolero and finally shows the full rendering of this popular SUV.

Exterior Design

Apart from the headlights, at the front, we can note that the Mahindra Bolero will come equipped with a much more upright front fascia. It will include a new flat front grille with six individual slats that will be covered with chrome, and in between will be the new Mahindra Twin Peaks logo. Just below it, we can see a large aur dam, and there will be rectangular fog lights on both sides.

Next-Gen Mahindra Bolero: What It Could Look Like [Video]

Before talking about the side profile of this render, we can note that this particular Bolero has been given a lifted suspension. The real-life Bolero has a ground clearance of 180mm. Next up, we can also note that this particular car has been given a much more boxy design than the outgoing Bolero. It gets squared-off wheel arches, massive tires, and bigger multispoke alloy wheels, and upright windows with blacked-out B and C pillars. The car also gets roof rails as well. The rendering does not show the rear end or the interior of this Bolero.

Bolero Still a Good Seller

Despite being out for so many years, the Bolero is still a strong seller for Mahindra Automotive. Last month, in December of 2023, Mahindra dispatched a total of 5,314 units of the Bolero. The Bolero, sold in three variants, is priced from Rs 9.92 lakh to Rs 11.03 lakh (on-road Delhi). It is powered by a robust 76 Bhp 1.5-liter three-cylinder mHawk diesel engine and has been updated to comply with the latest safety and emission regulations.

Mahindra Bolero Neo+ Ambulance

Next-Gen Mahindra Bolero: What It Could Look Like [Video]

Back in September of last year, Mahindra unveiled the Bolero Neo+ Ambulance. This new SUV has been launched to address the growing need for efficient patient transportation. Priced at Rs 13.99 Lakh, with a Government e-Marketplace (GeM) pricing of Rs 12.31 Lakh, this ambulance edition bridges the gap between smaller van-based and larger coach-based offerings in the Type B Ambulance segment.

The Bolero Neo+ Ambulance is built to comply with AIS:125 (Part 1) norms. The Bolero Neo+ Ambulance is underpinned by the sturdy Neo platform and features a high-strength steel body shell. It is equipped with a potent 2.2-litre mHawk engine paired with a 6-speed gearbox, delivering 120 HP and 280 Nm of peak torque.