Noida youth block underpass to create Instagram reel: Police fine them Rs 12,500

In yet another incident that highlights the growing trend of recklessness for social media fame, a group of young men in Noida recently obstructed an underpass in Sector 52 to create a viral video. Using vehicles such as a Toyota Fortuner, Maruti Suzuki Swift, Maruti Suzuki Baleno, and Hyundai Creta, these men blocked the passage, showcasing their wealth and power on Instagram reels. However, their ill-conceived stunt quickly backfired when their video caught the attention of Twitter users, who tagged the Noida police.

Promptly responding to the tweet, the Noida police took swift action against the individuals involved. They levied a hefty fine of Rs 12,500 on the young men responsible for obstructing the underpass and causing public inconvenience. The Noida Traffic Police, in their tweet, stated, “Taking cognizance of the above complaint, action has been taken against the concerned vehicle for violation of traffic rules for e-challan (fine Rs. 12,500/-) as per rules.” The police authorities also shared their helpline number in the tweet.

This fine is a reminder that thoughtless actions like these can have consequences and be potentially dangerous. Additionally, the incident shows the risks of seeking quick popularity on social media. These individuals disrupted traffic without thinking, inconveniencing many people and potentially putting their safety at risk. It highlights the importance of using social media responsibly and considering how our actions affect others and society as a whole.

Noida youth block underpass to create Instagram reel: Police fine them Rs 12,500

Here’s why you should not perform stunts on public roads

In recent years, India has witnessed an alarming surge in the number of individuals performing dangerous stunts with cars on public roads. While these acts may seem thrilling to some, they pose a severe threat to public safety. To wake the youth of this nation, here are five reasons why indulging in such stunts on Indian roads can have grave consequences.

Risk to Human Life

Engaging in car stunts on public roads exposes not only the individuals performing the stunts but also innocent bystanders to life-threatening risks. Reckless maneuvers, such as high-speed drifting or sudden braking, can easily lead to fatal accidents. Pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists become vulnerable victims when confronted with vehicles operating in an unpredictable and hazardous manner.

Traffic Congestion and Disruption

Car stunts often involve blocking or disrupting traffic flow, causing inconvenience to countless commuters. These stunts may lead to road closures, traffic jams, and delays in emergency services reaching those in need. The resulting chaos adversely affects the productivity of cities and impedes the smooth functioning of daily life.

Noida youth block underpass to create Instagram reel: Police fine them Rs 12,500

Damage to Infrastructure

Indian roads, already burdened by inadequate infrastructure, suffer further due to car stunts. Deliberate skidding, burnouts, and jumps can cause significant damage to road surfaces, traffic signs, and dividers. Repairing these damages diverts taxpayer money and delays essential maintenance and development projects.

Encourages Copycat Behavior

The glorification of car stunts through social media platforms and movies fuels a dangerous trend of copycat behavior. Young and impressionable individuals, seeking thrill and fame, attempt to imitate these stunts without considering the risks involved. This perpetuates a vicious cycle where more people engage in hazardous activities on the roads, amplifying the dangers for themselves and others.

Noida youth block underpass to create Instagram reel: Police fine them Rs 12,500

Deterioration of Road Safety Culture

The prevalence of car stunts undermines efforts to cultivate a culture of road safety in India. It normalizes risky behavior and encourages a disregard for traffic rules and regulations. This erosion of discipline further hampers the efficacy of road safety campaigns, impacting the overall well-being of road users and hindering progress towards reducing accidents and fatalities.

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