Royal Enfield Bullet Riders Overtake On Curve, Get Hit By Tata Punch [Video]

Royal Enfield Bullet-Tata Punch crash

One thing that many people miss in India while driving is patience. They often drive in such a reckless manner that they end up in a crash. This impatient behavior and lack of discipline on the road even lead to road rage incidents. Here we have one such incident where a Royal Enfield rider crashed into a Tata Punch after he tried to overtake an auto-rickshaw on a curve.

The video has been circulating on various social media platforms. The exact location where the crash happened is not known. The whole incident was captured on a CCTV camera that was facing the road. We see a vehicle passing through a narrow single-lane road. An auto-rickshaw passes through the road first.

Just as the auto passed, we see another auto-rickshaw coming from the opposite direction. The camera is placed facing a curve. It is a small curve, but if you are not careful, you might crash into other vehicles. Just behind the auto, we see a Royal Enfield biker. The auto driver slows down as he comes closer to the curve.

The biker saw this as an opportunity and turned the bike to the right to overtake. While trying to do so, he had no clue about the Maruti Brezza coming from the opposite direction. The Maruti Brezza driver could not spot the biker as he was behind the auto. The Brezza brushed against the bike.

Royal Enfield Bullet Riders Overtake On Curve, Get Hit By Tata Punch [Video]
Bullet rider crashed into Tata Punch

The biker was probably scared and almost immediately lost control. The bike moved to the opposite lane and before the biker could recover from the first accident, the bike crashed into a Tata Punch that was coming from the opposite direction. Both the biker and pillion were thrown away from the bike. We can see both of them standing on the side of the road almost immediately after the crash. This was a low-speed crash, which is probably the reason why they escaped with no injuries.

Both men were extremely lucky to have escaped without injuries as a truck was coming right behind the Punch. The truck driver also stopped and got out to check the riders. The Brezza driver had also stopped the car and had come out to check if the riders were fine. In this case, bikers were completely at fault here.

The biker should have been a lot more careful or patient while riding the bike. It also looks like both the rider and pillion were not wearing a riding helmet. One should never ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

A riding helmet often saves you from head injuries in case of an accident. Also, never overtake on a blind curve. If you can’t see a vehicle or the road in front of your vehicle, do not overtake.

This situation could have been avoided very easily. The rider had to just remain calm and stay in his lane. The auto driver had only slowed down to make way for the Brezza that was coming from the opposite direction. Once the Brezza passed, the auto driver moved forward. This is why we say riding or driving is a thing that requires a lot of discipline and patience.