SUV Driver Escapes After Hitting And Dragging Scooter Of Drunk Men In Bengaluru [Video]

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Every now and then we get to see some of the most unexpected situations getting recorded of the dashboard cameras in car. Most of these incidents surprisingly happen in Bengaluru. Here is one more incident that shows how it can quickly go out of hand and became extremely dangerous.

The incident happened in Sarjapur Road in Bengaluru. A car driver, who was travelling with his two colleagues was stopped by a few men in the middle of the road. The dashboard camera footage shows the men blocking the car and saying something angrily in Kannada.

After heated discussions, and attempts by the men to hit the glass of the car to either break it or to scare the occupants of the car, the driver of the car simply pressed the accelerator and zoomed ahead. The miscreants had put the scooter in front of the car to block the way. However, after the car hit the scooter and dragged it for a few hundred metres, the driver finally got rid of it by reversing and driving again.

SUV Driver Escapes After Hitting And Dragging Scooter Of Drunk Men In Bengaluru [Video]

The video also shows the occupants of the car trying to call the cops. While escaping from the scene, one of the miscreant men caught up with the car. Both the vehicles stopped outside the police station. We are not sure what they both talked about or complained about to the cops.

But according to the latest information, the police filed FIR against four unidentified individuals under various acts of Indian Penal Code. It includes Sections 413 (wrongful restraint), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 34 (Common intention). Two of the four accused were arrested after the complaint. The police also confirmed that the two-wheeler riders were in a state of inebriation during the attack. While the men said that the car touched their bike at the lake area, no evidence could be found of the same.

Avoid road rage

It’s important to remain calm and avoid engaging with aggressive drivers on the road. Road rage can escalate quickly, so it’s crucial to have a cool head while driving. Here are some tips to prevent road rage incidents:

  • Stay relaxed: Make your driving experience enjoyable by switching on the music and the air conditioner. Take deep breaths and try to be in a positive mood.
  • Follow traffic rules: Stick to the speed limit, use your signals when changing lanes, and regularly check your rearview mirrors. Allow room for others’ mistakes or aggressive behavior.
  • Be polite: Give way to vehicles coming from the right at roundabouts and let cars merge into your lane when they signal. Avoid closing gaps when another driver is trying to enter your lane.
  • Ignore aggressive drivers: Some drivers may exhibit aggressive behavior like excessive honking, tailgating, or abruptly changing lanes. Instead of challenging them or trying to teach them a lesson, let them go and hope that karma catches up with them.
  • Stay focused: Keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts. Think about your friends and family to quickly calm your nerves and divert your attention from any road rage incidents.

It is important to prioritize your safety and the safety of others on the road. Stay calm, drive responsibly, and avoid unnecessary confrontations with aggressive drivers.