Tata Nano with a 1000cc Maruti Suzuki engine & body kit looks brutal [Video]

Tata launched the all-new Nano in the Indian market to address the problem of unsafe and illegal use of motorcycle by families who load more than the permissible limit. However, the Nano did not become as popular as Tata expected and it was forced out of the market. After Tata discontinued the Nano, it became a great choice for the project car builders.

Renowned automobile journalist Vikrant Singh bought a Nano and transformed it completely. The modification job is done by Raj Kapoor of Performance Auto, a garage based in Delhi-NCR.

The video does not share many details about the modification job but it does show the work-in-progress pictures. The most interesting change in this Tata Nano is the engine. It is now powered by a 1.0-litre K-Series four-cylinder engine from Maruti Suzuki. There are no details from which car it comes from though. The same engine powers a number of Maruti Suzuki entry-level models.

Replacing the original 624cc, parallel-twin cylinder petrol engine that produces a maximum of 37 Bhp and peak torque of 51 Nm, the new engine produces almost double the power. The new engine from Maruti Suzuki produces a maximum of 67 Bhp and 90 Nm of torque. That’s quite powerful for a car that is of the Nano’s size.

The engine is installed in the rear of the car, the same as the original engine of the Tata Nano. There is even a clip of testing the car after the installation of the engine. The gearbox is also new and is now cable shift.

Widebody kit

There are a lot of changes done to the vehicle. Structural changes and even the stock body was cut and welded to fit bigger tyres. The car also gets a customised wide body kit that sure makes it look brutal and will turn the heads on the road.

The widebody kit also adds new bumpers but the headlamps and the tail lamps are stock and there are no changes done to it. The whole body gets a matte-finish black paint job. There are quite a few changes done to the cabin as well.

The instrument cluster, which is in the middle of the dashboard in stock Tata Nano has been replaced with new twin pods. It also gets aftermarket exhaust that resonates with a very aggressive and sporty note. Since it is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle and can easily drift around, there is even a vertical handbrake, which will allow the driver to easily engage the handbrake.

Tata Nano with a 1000cc Maruti Suzuki engine & body kit looks brutal [Video]

One should keep in mind that such modifications and engine swaps are not legal in India and one can land in trouble if you get caught on the public roads. However, such project cars can still be used in private properties like a race track or farmhouse.