Tata Tiago crushed between 2 trucks: Both passengers miraculously survive [Video]

Tata Tiago completely crushed

Over the last few years, Tata Motors has gained a reputation for producing some of, if not the safest cars in India. The company has gained huge popularity amongst Indian car buyers who prioritize safety over anything. Recently, a video was shared online which once again proved why Tata Motors is called the maker of the safest cars in India. The video shows pictures and a walkaround of a completely destroyed Tata Tiago, and it was stated that miraculously two people who were inside it were alive.

Horrific Tata Tiago crash

The video of this Tata Tiago comes courtesy of Nikhil Rana from YouTube. It was shared by the creator on his channel, and he starts off by mentioning the story behind this crashed Tata Tiago. He starts by stating that this video has been submitted to him by one of his long-time viewers. According to the person, he saw this Tata Tiago parked at the Tata dealership’s service center and asked a person from the dealership what happened with this vehicle.

It was then stated by the dealership representative that this Tiago was involved in an extremely horrific accident on a highway. What happened was the driver of this Tiago hatchback was driving it at a high speed. However, he then lost control of the vehicle, and it ended up doing a number of flips on the highway. After the flips, the car then landed right in the middle of two trucks on the road and got crushed. After the accident, the car was then brought to the dealership.

Tata Tiago crushed between 2 trucks: Both passengers miraculously survive [Video]

What happened to the people inside?

One of the biggest miracles that happened after this horrific accident was that both the driver and the passenger came out alive from the vehicle. It was stated that one of the people suffered a broken hand, and both received some minor injuries. Most likely, the driver and the passenger were wearing their seatbelts during the accident and could have also been saved from the deployment of airbags. However, despite all of the safety measures, the fact that they are still alive after this severe accident speaks volumes about the Tata Tiago’s built quality and Tata Motors’ cars’ built quality in general.

Aftermath of the accident

Tata Tiago crushed between 2 trucks: Both passengers miraculously survive [Video]

From the pictures, it can be noted that the Tata Tiago has been completely obliterated. We can see that there is not a single panel that looks undamaged, showing how horrific the crash was. The front of the car can be seen completely mangled up with a huge indentation on the front left side. The entire left side has also crumpled, suggesting that the car could have also hit a pole or a corner of something. The rear also can be seen with damage, and the roof of the car has also been completely crushed. Most likely, nobody who sees the car at a glance can even tell that it is a Tiago hatchback.

Why should safer cars be a priority?

Tata Tiago crushed between 2 trucks: Both passengers miraculously survive [Video]
Tata Tiago

In the Global NCAP, the Tata Tiago scored a respectable 4 stars, and with the result of the accident, we can note that it deserves each one of those stars. Accidents like these serve as a reminder to new car buyers why safety should be the number one priority while making a decision to buy a new car. Unfortunate accidents can take place at any place and at any time, so safer cars should be a priority for everyone. Also, paying attention to the road and following traffic rules is another way to avoid horrific accidents.