Delhi Metro Station Wall Collapses leading to injuries and a death (Video)

Delhi metro station wall falls off

The tragedy occurred at the Gokulpuri Metro Station in Delhi as a portion of the station’s boundary wall on the eastern side collapsed onto the road below. The incident that took place at approximately 11 a.m. today, unfortunately, claimed the life of a man and injured a few other people who were crossing the road below the metro station. A video showing the aftermath of the tragic incident has been shared online.

Delhi Metro Station Wall Falls on Road

A video showing the fallen wall of the Gokulpuri metro station has been shared on X by The Indian Express on their page. The short 47-second video shows the road completely covered in debris of the brick and mortar wall that fell early in the morning. According to reports, among those affected by the collapse, Vinod Kumar, a 53-year-old resident of Karawal Nagar, tragically lost his life. Additionally, Ajit Kumar, a Ghaziabad resident, found himself trapped under the debris while riding his two-wheeler near the site of the collapse. Additionally, three others, identified as Monu, Sandeep, and Mohd Tazir, sustained minor injuries in the incident.

Rescue Operation and DMRC’s Action

Many eyewitnesses from the spot of the incident stated that many emergency personnel, including police officers and firefighters, quickly responded to the scene. The video shared shows the efforts of the bystanders and officials as they worked together to clear the debris and rescue those trapped underneath.

Soon after the incident, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) took immediate action by suspending two officials—a manager and a junior engineer—from the Civil Department until the investigation is pending. Additionally, the DMRC announced compensation measures, including Rs 25 lakh for the family of the deceased, Rs 1 lakh to the people who have suffered minor injuries, and Rs 5 lakh compensation for the person who has suffered serious injuries.

Delhi Metro Station Wall Collapses leading to injuries and a death (Video)

Aftermath of the Incident and Investigation

The aftermath of the collapsed wall brought some operational adjustments as metro services between Maujpur and Shiv Vihar are being operated on a single line as a precautionary measure. However, services on the rest of the Pink Line remain unaffected, minimizing disruption of the commuters.

According to reports, authorities have emphasized the importance of accountability and transparency in addressing such incidents. It has been stated that a case will be registered under relevant sections of the law so that the root cause of this incident can be identified and necessary safety measures to prevent future occurrences can be taken quickly.


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