Future Maruti Swift Reimagined As A Crossover; Looks Like A Mini Countryman

2024 maruti swift countryman render

Anticipation is high, for the upcoming 2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift. The new Swift is a dramatic departure from the design of the current car, but at the same time keeps the overall shape in tact. While we did not like it initially, over time, the design started growing on us. And as more and more pictures and videos of the car were released, it has actually started looking quite good indeed.

Meanwhile, an artist has gone ahead and created his own interpretation of what a more SUV-ish  Maruti Swift may look like.  Octane9tfive, a digital artist on Instagram, created a unique version of the new Swift as a crossover. The Swift, in this artist’s rendering, is a car with a higher ground clearance, with some design elements of an SUV.

The artist’s creation shows the Swift with different looks, all more muscular and SUV-ish. The headlights are now more rectangular and have LED daytime running lights. The grille is bigger and has chrome a surround, and the bumper looks a bit more muscular and sportier. You can see all of them in the Instagram slideshow above.

Future Maruti Swift Reimagined As A Crossover; Looks Like A Mini Countryman

The biggest change, however, is on the sides. The artist has given the Swift a higher stance, which means it sits taller than the current model. It also has roof rails, which are typically found on SUVs. The wheel arches are bigger and more rounded, and the new alloy wheels complete the rugged look.

One of the Swift crossover renders looks a little bit like the MINI Cooper. This one has a different design for the front bonnet, headlights, and bumper. It also has a skid plate, which is a metal plate that protects the underside of the car from damage.

The sides of this Swift crossover are more similar to the current model, but the artist has added larger wheels with thinner tires and a matte finish. These small changes give the car a more adventurous look.

It’s important to remember that these are just imaginations of what possible iterations of the new Swift could be made. The real car, launched by Maruti Suzuki, is very different. These digital creations only give us an idea of what’s possible.

Future Maruti Swift Reimagined As A Crossover; Looks Like A Mini Countryman

The new Maruti Suzuki Swift is expected to launch during the festive season of 2024. Talking about the changes, the new Swift will come with a completely new look. The car is completely redesigned from all sides. The interior of the car is also redesigned and made much more contemporary. The interior will come with an all new floating infotainment system and a new theme of gray and black. The MID is also changed from the previous version.

What The 2024 Swift Looks In The Real World

One thing is for sure, there’s a lot of excitement about the new Swift. It will be interesting to see what Maruti Suzuki comes up with and if any of the ideas from these digital creations make it into the real car.