5 Modified Maruti 800s From Across India

maruti 800 modified

Maruti 800 is one of those iconic cars that popularized cars in Indian households. It was the first car bought by almost every middle-class family in India. Maruti 800 first rolled out of the production line in 1983 and was in production until 2014. While the car is out of production, we still find several 800 hatchbacks in different parts of the country. Some of them are well-maintained, while others have been modified by their owners. Here, we have videos of five such Maruti 800s from different parts of the country that have been modified.

Maruti 800 SUV

The first Maruti 800 is from Punjab, the land that loves SUVs. We have seen them modify vintage and modern SUVs in the past. This time around, we have a video where a Maruti 800 hatchback has been modified to look like an SUV. This is the Type 1 Maruti 800, which gets aftermarket metal front bumpers. The main attraction on this 800 is the wheels.

The stock rims have been replaced by the owner, who has somehow managed to install wider and bigger off-road rims. The car also gets redone interiors, a roof rack with auxiliary lamps, an engine from Maruti Alto, and more. The owner also mentions that he retrofitted AC and power steering to make his life easier. In order to accommodate the wider wheels, the owner had to make custom spacers. The fender has been modified in such a way that it doesn’t rub against the wheel arch. The ground clearance of this hatchback has increased after this modification, and it does look different from others. It goes without saying that the handling and ride comfort of the car would have taken a toll.


The second video of the Maruti 800 is from Kerala. The owner of this hatchback has modified the car and now calls it “Emperor.” The car is finished in a beautiful shade of blue. It gets custom-built headlamps and tail lamps. The front and rear bumpers are painted in the same color as the body. There are decals on the side profile. The car also comes with 5-spoke white-colored alloy wheels.

The car gets a manual valvetronic exhaust, power windows, a tachometer, and a Sparco steering wheel. The car has lowered springs, and the tire size on this hatchback is 14 inches. The interior is finished in a black theme, just like the exterior.

Golf 800

Due to its boxy design, many people have modified 800 hatchbacks to look like VW Golf. Here we have one such hatchback that took inspiration from the German hatchback. The major change on this car is the front grille. The front grille has been completely modified. The blacked-out front grille, along with aftermarket round headlamps, gives the car a Golf-like appearance.

The bumper gets a lower lip, and similarly, the side skirting can also be seen here. Most of the newly added panels are custom-made and not body kits. The car is finished in a clean shade of grey. The taillamps also get a smoked-out look. The car gets customized interiors too.

Widebody 800

The next Maruti 800 in the list is also inspired by VW Golf. This car is completely finished in a gloss black shade and even comes with bonnet locks. The front grille is custom-made, and it gets an aftermarket projector LED headlamp with ring-type LED DRLs. The front bumper is made from metal, and the flared wheel arches give it a wider look.

The purpose of the fender flare is to accommodate the wider aftermarket wheels installed on this hatchback. The rear bumper has been customized, and it gets a sporty exhaust too. The owner even installed a sunroof, and the customized interior is in a black and red combination.

Maruti 800 sports car

This is probably the wildest-looking Maruti 800 on this list. It doesn’t look like a Maruti 800 at all. The front, rear, and the side profile have all been customized to make this small family hatchback look like a sports car. The work was done at a local workshop. The exact location of the workshop is not known; however, it looks somewhere in North India. All the panels are made from metal sheets in-house.

Mechanically, no changes have been made to the car, and it is definitely one of the most uniquely modified Maruti 800s in the country.