Biker Wheelies KTM In Front Of Police Station: Arrested After Video Goes Viral

Biker doing stunts on the road

People trying to gain popularity on social media is not a new thing. We have seen people work hard to be successful and be recognized by others, while there are also those looking for shortcuts, often seen doing dangerous and illegal stunts on the road. Here we have one such instance from Delhi’s Rajouri Garden, where a biker who was seen doing stunts in front of a police station was traced and arrested by cops after the video went viral.


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The video, shared by Zee News on their Instagram page, shows a young biker riding a KTM Duke motorcycle without any riding gear. The video begins with a shot of the local police station’s signboard. The biker rides out of the alley and onto the road.

After joining the main road, he starts doing stunts on the public road without any safety or protection gear. He poses for the camera, indicating that he has been doing such stunts for quite some time. We tried to find the original video but could not locate it. According to various reports on this incident, the person who posted the video online wrote a caption that read, “Performing stunts is not a crime.”

In this case, it is a crime, which is why the cops took action once they came across the video. It was not hard for them to track the rider, as he recorded the video while coming out of the police station after retrieving his bike. The bike had been seized earlier by the cops for reckless and dangerous riding.

The rider, identified as Gautam, was arrested for performing stunts on a public road. Local police investigated the matter and took action. Gautam told the cops that he posted the video of him doing the stunt as a challenge to the cops and as a revenge act for them taking his bike into custody earlier.

Biker Wheelies KTM In Front Of Police Station: Arrested After Video Goes Viral
Biker doing stunts on the road

The reports do not mention the exact reason why the KTM was seized the first time. We hope it was due to reckless riding or stunts. We have come across several instances where locals have complained to cops about young bikers riding recklessly through busy roads, often sharing pictures and videos of the bikers online.

It should be noted that performing any stunt on a public road is an offense, and the chances of getting in trouble with the cops are very high. Almost every road in the city now has surveillance cameras, making it extremely hard for offenders to escape. Performing such stunts on public roads is extremely dangerous. The rider is not only putting his own life at risk but also the lives of other road users.

The rider was not wearing any safety helmet, which increases the risk of injury in case of an accident. If you really want to perform such stunts, look for closed roads or private tracks so that you don’t put the lives of other road users at risk.

This is not the first time, cops have taken action against such offenders. Recently couple of girls performing stunt on a moving scooter in Greater Noida were fined Rs 80,500 by traffic police. Similarly a Convoy of cars including Kia Seltos, Mahindra Scorpio shower currency notes on road in Noida were seized and a fine amounting to Rs 4 lakh was issued.