‘India’s Spiderman Couple’ Arrested For Bike Stunt In Delhi [Video]

delhi couple spiderman stunt

To gain followers quickly on social media, every influencer is creating short-form content. And the best way to become viral on the internet is to do unique and crazy stuff in these short reels. Recently, a couple in Spider-Man and Spider-Woman costumes were seen riding a bike. This wannabe superhero couple from West Delhi was then arrested by the Delhi Police.

Delhi’s Local Spider-Man and Spider-Woman

The video of this unique spectacle of Spider-Man and his female counterpart has been shared on Instagram. It comes courtesy of the Indian Spidey Official. The video starts with a girl dressed as Spider-Woman coming out of a lift at a metro station.

As per the video, it was shot in Najafgarh, South West Delhi. The caption of the video mentions that it is part 4 of this unique series. Following the girl’s arrival from the lift, she heads towards the Bajaj Pulsar of the Indian “Spider-Man”. After a brief handshake, she takes the pillion seat on the bike.

‘India’s Spiderman Couple’ Arrested For Bike Stunt In Delhi [Video]

Next up, the wannabe superhero couple starts riding the bike. It can be noted that the bike did not have a front license plate and mirrors. Also, neither the Spider-Man nor the Spider-Woman were wearing any helmets.

A little further in the video, both of them were seen enjoying their evening ride next up at an open patch of road. The couple was seen spreading their arms and dancing. This was highly dangerous as the rider was riding the bike without handling the bike.

Both Have Been Arrested

‘India’s Spiderman Couple’ Arrested For Bike Stunt In Delhi [Video]

As per the reports, Delhi Police has managed to get hold of them. It has also been reported that they have been arrested. Most likely they have been charged for doing stunts on public roads.

They could have also received challans for not having mirrors and license plates. The exact amount of challan paid by the influencer is currently unknown.

Money Heist Costume Man

This is not the first time such an incident has taken place in the country. Back in October of last year, another video of a man in a Money Heist costume was shared online. This video was shared from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

In this short video, a man, as stated, was dressed in a costume from the popular Netflix series “Money Heist”. He was seen showering cash on a crowd while standing on top of a car.

This incident was reported to take place outside Gaurav Tower in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. In the viral video, the man was seen standing on the car’s roof on a busy road. He was wearing a Salvador Dali mask inspired by the web series.

‘India’s Spiderman Couple’ Arrested For Bike Stunt In Delhi [Video]
masked man in money heist costume

He was seen calling out to people while standing on top of the car. After calling people, he unzipped his bag and started throwing Rs 10 and Rs 20 notes on the road. Initially, people thought that the notes were not real.

However, when they realized that the currency was genuine, a number of passersby started collecting them. This then caused a traffic jam, and a lot of people were staring at this man.

It was then reported that the Jaipur police had arrested this man. The person in the costume confessed that he did this stunt in public to gain fame on social media.