Kind Lamborghini Owner Gives Car Spotter A Drive: Makes His Day [Video]

Car Spotter gets a ride in Lamborghini

Supercar spottings on Indian roads have become a lot more common than they were a decade ago. Many supercar spotters even started YouTube channels and Instagram profiles too. We have come across many such videos in the past. While most of the supercar owners do not slow down for the spotters, here we have a person who decided not just to stop but also to take the car spotter for a drive in a Lamborghini.


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The video has been shared by Nishant Saboo on his Instagram page. In this video, the Lamborghini Huracan owner asks the person recording the video about two boys who have been following the car for some time on a scooter. The owner asked the cameraperson about the boy, and he told him that the car spotter on the pillion seat was Vignesh.

Nishant asked his cameraperson to ask the spotter to stop. Vignesh slowed down, and soon we hear them asking him to get into the Lamborghini for a ride. The car spotter was actually surprised, as he was not expecting anything like this to happen. He was so surprised that he was not speaking at all after getting into the car.

He had his backpack in his hand, and Nishant asked him to wear the seatbelt before driving the car. Vignesh wore the seatbelt, and Nishant took the car for a spin with the spotter in the co-passenger seat. He was extremely thrilled and excited, as it was probably the first time he was sitting inside a supercar or a Lamborghini.

Kind Lamborghini Owner Gives Car Spotter A Drive: Makes His Day [Video]
Car Spotter gets a ride in Lamborghini

We can hear Nishant push the accelerator hard, and the throaty exhaust note from the supercar can also be heard here. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience.

Not The First Time

This is not the first time we have come across a video like this. A few years ago, we came across a video of a Ferrari owner who saw a kid admiring his Ferrari 488 supercar and decided to give him a ride. The kid was seen peeking into the car that was parked outside. The owner recorded a video of the same and posted it on social media.

Similarly, we saw a video of a McLaren 720S supercar owned by Aamir Sharma, an award-winning interior designer based in Hyderabad. Aamir was recording a video of his sports car when he noticed a person behind the car trying to take a picture. Aamir walked out of the car and asked him to stand next to the car.

Aamir then took the person’s phone and clicked a picture of him standing next to the car. These are some of the incidents that were reported. However, when it comes to car spotters, we always want them to be extremely careful. If you remember, we recently saw an incident where a scooter that was ridden by one of the car spotters crashed into a Rs 12 crore McLaren 765 LT supercar in Bengaluru. The car was actually brought to India via Carnet by its owner Ranjit Sundermurthy, commonly known as RSM.